Maurissa Gunn explains why her dog doesn’t have a dad for Valentine’s Day

Maurissa Gunn in pink
Maurissa Gunn talks Valentine’s Day post-relationship with Riley Christian. Pic credit: ABC

Maurissa Gunn has been keeping her head held high since breaking up with fiance Riley Christian, and she remained in good spirits on Valentine’s Day as well. 

While Maurissa spent Valentine’s Day newly single, she has been making the most of her time and even made an amusing video with her adorable dog Lola. 

Maurissa Gunn addresses her singleness 

Maurissa Gunn took to TikTok to address not having a man on Valentine’s Day after her recent split from Bachelor in Paradise fiance Riley Christian. 

Now that she’s single, Maurissa noted that her dog Lola was without a dad on Valentine’s Day and her video explained why that is. 

In the video, Maurissa holds her precious pup with text over the video that reads, “Me explaining to Lola why she doesn’t have a dad on Valentine’s Day.” 

Maurissa then plays audio over the video that features a man questioning, “Guys don’t ask you out?”

Maurissa then mouths the response to her dog, saying, “Yeah they do, I just don’t go.”

In the caption, Maurissa wrote to her dog, “Sorry baby. I know it sucks” with a tear-shedding emoji. 


Sorry baby. I know it sucks ?

♬ original sound – erica <3

It seems Maurissa and her dog Lola were each other’s companions for the holiday as Maurissa shared Valentine’s Day photos with her dog. 

Maurissa fittingly wore red as she rocked her box braid hairstyle and posed with her adorable dog. 

Maurissa captioned the photos, “Lola says Happy Valentine’s Day everyone” with a red heart emoji. 

Maurissa Gunn celebrates Galentine’s Day in Las Vegas 

Maurissa had an eventful Super Bowl weekend as she partied in Vegas with her girlfriends. 

Previously, Maurissa had taken to her Instagram stories to explain how it was important to her and her friend to not just sit and be alone for Valentine’s Day so they were going to Vegas for Galentine’s Day instead. 

Some familiar Bachelor Nation faces partied with Maurissa in Vegas as the historic Bachelor in Paradise star shared a photo with The Bachelor Season 25 stars, Anna Redman and MJ Snyder. 

The Bachelor viewers will recall that Anna and MJ competed on Matt James’ season where Anna was eliminated after spreading a reputation-damaging rumor about another woman and MJ was later eliminated in a 2-on-1 with Jessenia Cruz. 

Maurissa, Anna, and MJ have since moved on from The Bachelor franchise and spent the weekend enjoying a night dedicated to the girls. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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