Matt Gwynne arrested: MAFS divorcee charged with domestic vandalism

MAFS Matt Gwynne looks confident.
MAFS alum Matt Gwynne spent some time behind bars. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 9’s Matthew Gwynne was arrested on charges of domestic vandalism after allegedly breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s home.

The MAFS alum spent the night in a Nashville, Tennessee jail cell after being accused of kicking in the door of his ex-girlfriend’s home following a party on Saturday night that is said to have spiraled out of control.

Matthew Gwynne’s mugshot

According to the arrest warrant discovered by the Nashville Scoop, Gwynne and his on-again-off-again girlfriend were at a party when things got out of hand and a verbal argument ensued. He was said to have threatened to go to her home while she warned him to go home.

Later that night she reportedly received an email from her home security system that she did not think much of until she arrived home to a broken down door and significant damage to the frame. She claimed her home security doorbell cam showed Matt had been at the property.

While none of her belongings were reportedly taken from the home, Neubauer immediately called the police and a warrant was issued for Matthew Gwynne’s arrest.

He was picked up at a downtown bar on Sunday night, arrested and charged with felony domestic vandalism.

MAFS Matthew Gwynne's arrest record.
Pic credit: Davidson County Sheriff’s Office

Matt’s history on MAFS

To say that Married at First Sight Season 9’s Matthew Gwynne was not a fan favorite would be an understatement. Although the retired basketball player claimed he was ready to settle down and find love, his behaviors revealed that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Almost immediately following the honeymoon, Matt’s motives for marriage came into question as he would disappear from his and MAFS wife, Amber Bowles’ shared apartment for hours, days, and then nights at a time. Soon fans, Amber, and the experts began to question if Matt was cheating on Amber.

But they didn’t have to wonder for long as friends of Amber’s came forward and revealed they had seen Matt with other girls at bars and they didn’t look like just friends. Amber was devastated but when she confronted Matt, he denied the allegations and continued to string Amber along.

Finally after weeks of uncertainty and sadness, Amber called it quits on Matthew and the marriage on Decision Day. But Matt wasn’t finished yet with her just yet.

After the divorce, Matt revealed he was dating Instagram models (some during the filming of the show) and said he felt Amber had been too needy during their marriage. He then went on to send her messages warning her to stop talking badly about him and to just get over the show.

Not exactly the kindest parting words but they are what fans had come to expect from Matt. Now he’s back in the spotlight, although perhaps not in the way he intended.

While Matt Gwynne may have started off charming his way into the fans’ and Amber’s hearts, he definitely ended a long way from their good graces.

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