Matt Barnes suing Gloria Govan and her family for alleged embezzlement

Matt Barnes Gloria Govan
Matt Barnes accuses Gloria Govan of embezzlement

There’s clearly no love lost between Matt Barnes and his ex-wife Gloria Govan. Lately, though, their drama has managed to overshadow her sister Laura’s baby daddy drama with Gilbert Arenas after Matt filed his latest lawsuit. He claims Gloria and her family have been plotting and scheming to get their hands on his money, and now he’s taking action.

Gloria Govan has been accused of working with her parents to steal his money in order to purchase a home for them. The Blast was first to obtain legal documents pertaining to the case and it looks pretty complicated. If he can prove Gloria and her family really did this, they could be in a lot of trouble. For now though, Matt just wants them booted from the home that he says he didn’t agree to pay for.

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How Gloria Govan allegedly embezzled Matt Barnes’ money

Matt Barnes believes that Gloria and her family plotted together to purchase a home for her parents with Matt’s money. He claims that Gloria’s brother Lonnie posed as the former NBA star and even forged his name on legal documents in order to obtain the Oakland, California home.  Matt is listed as a co-purchaser for the home but claims that he had no knowledge of that purchase nor did he give consent.

After purchasing the home, the allegations against Gloria Govan and her family get even more complicated. Matt claims that after securing the home, ownership was transferred to Gloria and a company called Mengo LLC. There really is a company registered with that name but they have been inactive. Further, it’s not entirely clear what the company, with an address listed in Miami, actually does.

Matt claims that Mengo LLC is a “shell company” and that its entire purpose was to aid Gloria and her family in taking his money without being caught. The shady LLC has reportedly since been removed from the title to the house, leaving Gloria Govan as the sole owner.

Matt wants his money back

Now, Matt is suing to recover the home that he claims to have never purchased and he wants Gloria Govan’s parents to move out. He also reportedly believes that more than $300,000 was stolen from his account by Gloria, who allegedly transferred the money from his account to another private account.

This is just the latest in the drama between Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan. Recently the former Basketball Wives star took aim at Matt with a lawsuit of her own. She sued the NBA star for defamation after he took to social media with accusations that she had been forging his checks along with keeping him from his children. This looks like it’s about to get a whole lot messier before it gets better.

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