Mathew Shea sounds off on Below Deck Med, blasts editing and Captain Sandy Yawn, praises production and crew

Chef Mathew Shea from Below Deck Med goes on Twitter rant.
Chef Mathew had a lot to say following the Below Deck Mediterranean reunion show. Pic credit: Bravo

Chef Mathew Shea has sounded off on Below Deck Mediterranean by blasting editing and Captain Sandy Yawn while praising production and the Season 6 crew.

The reunion show earned mixed reactions from Below Deck Med fans. Other than drunk Courtney Veale, who certainly entertained viewers, the virtual chat was kind of boring. Malia White opened up about her romance with Jake Baker too but other than that not much happened.

One shocking revelation did come from the event. Chef Mathew expressed his true feelings about Captain Sandy Yawn, whom he calls the worst captain he has ever worked with within his 15 years of yachting.

It turns out the chef had a lot more to say and not just about the captain. Mathew has sounded off on his experience, sharing some jaw-dropping information about his time on Below Deck Mediterranean.

Chef Mathew Shea sounds off on Below Deck, blast editing and Captain Sandy Yawn

There’s no question that Mathew brought a slew of drama upon himself during Season 6. After watching the reunion show though, the chef got real about how he truly felt about the show.

“After the reunion episode, I have to say that I was once again disappointed in the decisions made in the editing room. To watch the network use my soundbite over and over for clickbait and commercial teasers and to cut out all of the reasons I cited for feeling the way I do about the Captain seemed especially unfair,” chef Mathew tweeted.

Mathew talks reunion
Pic credit: @Mathewshea/Twitter

That wasn’t all he had to say about the captain either. Mathew explained he stood by his feelings and shed some light on why he is not a Captain Sandy fan.

Chef Mathew blasts Captain Sandy
Pic credit: @Mathewshea/Twitter

Mathew shares struggles while giving a shout out to production and Lady Michelle crew

The chef continued to use Twitter to express his feelings, including calling out some editing issues. Mathew did include some positive thoughts, explaining there were some wonderful moments that “no savage reality edit can erase,” and a beautiful shout-out to production.

Chef Mathew praises production
Pic credit: @Mathewshea/Twitter

Another group of people that got praise from chef Mathew was the Lady Michelle crew. The Below Deck Med Season 6 cast has a bond never seen before in the history of the Below Deck franchise. They are so close, the Lady Michelle crew spent time together in Split when filming ended.

Chef Mathew loves Lady Michelle crew
Pic credit: @Mathewshea/Twitter

Chef Mathew also took the time to thank those who have shown him support when he was dealing with anxiety on the hit Bravo show.

Chef Mathew thanks fans for support about anxiety.
Pic credit: @Mathewshea/Twitter

The Below Deck Mediterranean season has come to an end. As he prepares to put it all in the past, Chef Mathew Shea has used social media to share a thought of thoughts and a final message to fans.

What are your thoughts on chef Mathew?

Below Deck Mediterranean is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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