Mary throws shade at Brandan’s family — ‘I don’t like you either’

90 Day Fiance star Mary DeNuccio Instagram selfie
Mary DeNuccio has a message for Brandan’s family. Pic credit: @maria.rosaaaaaa/Instagram

Brandan DeNuccio’s family members are not big fans of his now-wife, Mary DeNuccio, and it’s very obvious why that’s the case.

However, in a recent post, Mary had some words for her in-laws as she made it clear, “I don’t like you either.”

The 23-year-old hasn’t garnered any fans this season due to her behavior on the show. From the first episode, the couple’s unhealthy, co-dependent relationship had us all seeing glaring red flags.

Brandan’s mother and sister also saw the red flags when he promptly told them that he couldn’t visit their home because Mary didn’t want him around other women.

The fact that his sister had her friends in and out of their home meant it was a no-fly zone for Brandan, who obliged the ridiculous request.

Being on Facetime with her 24/7 wasn’t enough to calm Mary’s jealousy — nor did it make a difference when he arrived in the Philippines.

Nonetheless, the two lovebirds are continuing with their toxic romance, but is there some family drama brewing?

Mary throws shade at Brandan’s family and says, ‘I don’t like you’

Mary had some things to get off her chest, and she threw shade at Brandan’s family in a recent Instagram post.

The 90 Day Fiance star didn’t share any details about what went down, but something happened between her and her in-laws.

“I won’t force someone to like me and accept me,” she noted in the post. “If you don’t like me then I don’t like you either. Even if you’re my partners member of the family idc.”

Before ending her message, Mary added, “I know who’s fake and who’s not. I’m just going with the flow.”

Mary DeNuccio Instagram post
Mary DeNuccio slams Brandan’s family. Pic credit: @maria.rosaaaaaa/Instagram

Meanwhile, Mary and Brandan had found ways to drown out the noise and backlash from the show, as the message options on all their social media accounts are restricted.

That was the case with her recent post as well.

Mary and Brandan are still going strong despite the 90 Day Fiance doubters

Despite the family drama, Mary and Brandan are still going strong — a shock to everyone who watched them on the show.

The young couple is still living in the Philippines and has been making money online by charging for customized videos, messages, and shoutouts.

Monsters and Critics revealed months ago that the couple had already tied the knot, and it was recently revealed on the show that Mary was pregnant with Brandan’s baby.

So far, we haven’t seen any signs of the baby in any videos the couple posted online. However, their NDA restricts them from giving anything away until the Tell All.

However, given the timeline of events, it’s easy to predict that Mary has already given birth and that the controversial pair are now officially parents.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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