Mary Cosby is in hot water for claiming her costar Heather Gay looks ‘inbred’ 

Mary Cosby
Mary Cosby attacks her co-star, calling Heather Gay ‘inbred.’ Pic credit: Bravo

RHOSLC’s Mary Cosby has once again stunned viewers with her comments on the show. Having previously degraded the Mexican and Asian communities, the pastor took aim at Mormons on Sunday’s episode, and at her fellow Housewife, Heather Gay.

Despite being married to her own step-grandfather, Mary is heard mumbling to herself that Heather Gay looks inbred because she was born and raised a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The episode airs just days after rumors swirled that Mary had been fired from the hit show, having been a no-show for the reunion.

The cast trip to Zion was full of hot mic moments

The Bravo crew in Zion certainly had their hands full on this cast trip. Shortly after cameras and sound caught Lisa Barlow slamming Meredith Marks, Mary is heard away from the group talking about Heather.

She is caught on mic saying, “Heather with her little judgmental self. She has the snobbiness of a true Mormon. She don’t [sic] even know she look [sic] inbred.”

Heather left the LDS church a few years ago, and her Housewives storyline is centered around her new life outside of the religion. There has been no comment from Heather on the hurtful words from Mary.

Whitney Rose was a guest on WWHL immediately following the episode, and she addressed Mary’s statements by saying, “That hurt my heart. That was so rude.”

Viewers agreed and took to social media. Twitter was on fire with shock over Mary’s remark.

Twitter reacts to Mary's comments about Mormons
Pic credit: @AWKWRDCAIT/Twitter

This is not the first time viewers have heard a Housewife take a dig at the Mormon religion. When Heather and Whitney discovered they had ancestors in common, Lisa called them “inbred cousins,” which is unusual because Lisa is a converted member of the LDS church.

Mary’s history of insulting her castmates through two seasons

The first accusation against Cosby came in Season 1 when, according to Jen Shah, Cosby called her a thug and said that when she goes to a 7-Eleven and she sees Black people, she will go to a different 7-Eleven.

In Season 2, Mary is seen on video comparing Jen to “those Mexican people that make all those drugs” after Jen’s arrest. After the episode aired, Mary issued an apology claiming she “used poor judgment” and “was not trying to single out Mexican culture.”

Later in Season 2, Mary made a shocking remark about Jennie Nguyen’s “slanted eyes” and imitated her accent. She apologized, but insisted that she had been complementing Nguyen and that she had done nothing wrong.

There have been many rumors that Mary was fired from the show, but Bravo has not yet confirmed her status as a Housewife. Mary recently denied a rumor that she is no longer part of the show.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs on Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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