Mary accuses Brandan of pushing, shouting at her, and ‘breaking stuff’ during heated argument

Mary says Brandan has gotten physical with her during arguments. Pic credit: Discovery+

The tension in Mary and Brandan DeNuccio’s marriage continues to intensify.

When 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers were first introduced to Mary and Brandan, they were convinced this couple wouldn’t make it to the altar due to their constant bickering and Mary’s jealous nature.

But the two went through with tying the knot, and now that we’re watching Brandan and Mary attempt to adjust to living together after Brandan made it to the Philippines, things are starting to get pretty tense.

While Brandan and Mary’s storyline in Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way contains plenty of drama, their life off-screen is getting pretty fervid, too, because Mary has accused Brandan of domestic violence.

Mary recorded a Live on Instagram, in which she broke down into tears while recording herself, accusing Brandan of pushing her during a recent argument, shouting at her, and breaking things.

Brandan could be heard in the background, responding to her accusations, but it’s unclear whether he was aware that she was filming at the time.

Mary DeNuccio shares tearful live video accusing Brandan of pushing her during a disagreement over video games

Mary sat on the floor sobbing as she filmed herself. Brandan seemingly acknowledged that he broke a dish rack and went on about plastic doors that got broken during a fight.

“I didn’t mean to break that,” Brandan said in the background as Mary continued to whimper. “I say that I feel bad for it, and I regret it, and I shouldn’t have done it.”

“And you didn’t mean to push me too?” Mary asked.

In a series of Instagram Story slides, Mary vented to her followers about Brandan’s behavior.

In one slide, she wrote, “I thought he is the guy who won’t shout at me. I can’t believe he will break stuff in front of me. It’s just hurt. Nothing change.”

mary denuccio calls out brandan in her instagram story
Mary accused Brandan of shouting at her and breaking stuff during a heated exchange. Pic credit: @maria.rosaaaaaa/Instagram

Mary hinted that she and Brandan should break up in another slide, saying they both “deserve better” and said that Brandan isn’t “good enough.”

Mary wrote in another slide, “He will really do everything for his ps5. Even if it means hurting me.”

Brandan apologizes for being ‘lazy’ and ‘not good enough’ for Mary

As Mary’s IG Live continued, Brandan apologized to her, telling his wife, “I’m f**king sorry, Mary. I haven’t been good enough for you. Ever since I came to the Philippines, I’ve been a lazy f**king piece of s**t, treating this like a vacation.”

Brandan went on to promise Mary that he’ll do more around the house and limit how much time he spends playing on his gaming console.

“I don’t want to f**king fight anymore like this,” Brandan added. “And if video games is the only reason for that, then I’m done playing video games.”

“Maybe, just maybe, in the future, when we’re okay again, and we’re not fighting and not breaking stuff or screaming, and Midnight is older, then maybe I will consider playing games again.”

As Mary’s followers urged her to get off Live, she continued to film Brandan’s responses before abruptly cutting off the recording.

Several more of Mary’s followers were curious about who Midnight was, and they speculated that perhaps it was the child that Brandan and Mary supposedly welcomed last year.

Mary and Brandan’s marital woes are playing out in Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

As Monsters and Critics reported, Mary is pregnant with what we presume to be her and Brandan’s second child.

During a video shared in August 2022, a baby could be heard crying in the background while Mary filmed herself making a protein shake for Brandan, leading many to believe they welcomed one child together already.

Shortly after Mary uploaded her IG Live, she scrubbed most of the photos on her IG feed featuring herself and Brandan.

How many children Mary and Brandan have seems like the least of their problems at this point, and the 23-year-olds clearly have some work to do in their marriage.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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