Married at First Sight: Gil admits ‘I’m more attracted to her than she is to me’

Married at First Sight, husband Gil admitted he might be more attracted to his wife than she is to him. Pic credit: Lifetime

While fans questioned why Gil Cuero and Myrla Feria were matched on Married at First Sight, so far, they’ve had better luck than some of the other couples this season.

Despite major financial and lifestyle differences, Gil’s patient nature has been tested, but so far, he hasn’t broken down over Myrla’s high-maintenance, princess personality.

Although Gil and Myrla can show affection to each other in minor actions, the newlyweds still haven’t shared their first kiss.

With less than two weeks of marriage in the books, Gil has kept the pressure off and adjusted to his new wife’s slower pace. There could be bigger problems brewing as Gil recently admitted that he felt he might be more attracted to Myrla than she is to him.

Gil admits he has a stronger attraction to Myrla than hers

In a conversation on the MAFS aftershow Unfiltered, Season 1 veteran Jamie Otis further questions why Myrla hasn’t kissed Gil.

Myrla has demonstrated her slow pace since day one. However, Jamie took the problem from a different angle and asked Gil, “Do you feel like one of you might be more attracted to the other?”

“Absolutely,” the firefighter answered. “I feel like everybody in every relationship, one person is more attracted than the other.”

He added, “So yes, at this point, I feel like I’m more attracted to her than she is to me.”

Despite this confession, he knows what he brings to the table and has confidence in that. “I feel like, as we grow, she’ll get there.”

Finances will play a major role in their relationship

This week, the Houston couples hosted housewarming parties with their closest family and friends to learn more about the stranger they married.

One topic that came up at the gathering hosted by Gil and Myrla was, of course, finances.

Myrla has demonstrated multiple times that she lives without a budget, and after an exercise recommended by Pastor Cal, she revealed she has the savings account to back it up.

While the 34-year-old leadership coach made it clear that she wouldn’t change her spending habits, MAFS viewers were torn about it.

Tune into Married at First Sight to find out if Gil and Myrla can make the compromises necessary to make their connection work.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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2 years ago

RUN GIL! You can find someone that appreciates you! Myrla is nothing but a self centered, whining, materialistic, mean complaining moron. Run before she gets in your head and makes you as miserable as she is. She IS miserable because she dosen’t know what REAL is!