Marlena Wesh opens up about getting rhinoplasty, shares ‘before’ photo

Marlena Wesh
Bachelor Nation’s Marlena Wesh debuted on The Bachelor Season 26. Pic credit: @marlenawesh/Instagram

Marlena Wesh recently engaged with her fans and answered many questions about love and looks.

Fans were curious about how Marlena’s look had evolved, and she opened up about her choice to get rhinoplasty.

Sharing ‘before’ photos of her nose, Marlena explained how her dad played a part in her decision to get plastic surgery.

Marlena Wesh gets candid about rhinoplasty

Marlena Wesh took to her Instagram stories and allowed fans to ask her anything.

One follower wanted to know more about Marlena’s rhinoplasty, and the Bachelor Nation star got candid about why she chose to alter her nose.

The follower asked, “What made you get a rhinoplasty? What motivated the decision?”

Marlena replied with a photo of her smiling with her original nose and a photo of her father to show his facial features as well.

Marlena wrote, “Since I was a teenager I used to ALWAYS have people tell me I looked exactly like my dad which I NEVER took as a compliment. I actually always felt it was an insult. I love my daddy but he has a very large wide nose and I assumed people were comparing our noses as the key similarity.”

Further elaborating on what motivated her decision, Marlena expressed, “I always saw my nose as my biggest flaw honestly. I felt it was just sitting in the middle of my face taking up space lol. That insecurity led me to the decision for surgery. I told myself in my teens I would do it so I worked u the courage after YEARSSSS of researching doctors that SPECIALIZED in ETHNIC flat noses.”

Marlena Wesh Instagram story
Pic credit: @marlenawesh/Instagram

Marlena Wesh talks about rhinoplasty maintenance

A fan asked Marlena, “Do you still tape your nose even now post rhinoplasty?”

Marlena answered by sharing a photo of her side profile with her nose taped up as she wrote, “Great question. It depends. I’m 7 months post op. I know if I drink A LOT of alcohol it’ll swell in the morning like most things after drinking.”

Marlena conduced, “I’ll tape at night if I drink – yes.”

Marlena Wesh' Instagram story
Pic credit: @marlenawesh/Instagram

It appears Marlena is happy with the results of her rhinoplasty. She also remains candid with followers about her personal growth and journey from growing her gorgeous sister locs to looking for love. 

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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