Mari Pepin says birthday cake for Kenny Braasch was her idea — Did Demi Burnett steal it?

Mari Pepin on Bachelor in Paradise
Mari Pepin says the birthday cake was her idea. Pic credit: ABC

It seems like Kenny Braasch wasn’t all that Demi Burnett stole from Mari Pepin on Bachelor in Paradise. While Mari encouraged Demi to go for what she wanted in Paradise, she was surprised when she found out that meant her partner.

Despite Kenny being all-in with Mari, their relationship quickly came to a halt when Mari informed him that she wanted to be open to any date she was asked on. This caused a serious rift between the two, setting the perfect stage for Demi to step in.

In an effort to make him feel special, Demi decided to throw Kenny a birthday party to celebrate his monumental 40th birthday. Complete with a cake, it’s clear the thoughtful gesture won over the boy band manager.

Mari didn’t feel the same as Demi’s cake for Kenny ended up angrily thrown in the bonfire.

While some disagreed with her actions, there were other reasons why Mari was so upset about Demi’s infamous cake on the beach.

Mari Pepin says the Kenny Braasch’s birthday cake was her idea

Some felt Mari’s actions of throwing the cake in the fire were excessive but the Bachelor beauty opened to the Click Bait podcast on why the cake hit a spot with her.

Explaining that they were in quarantine during Kenny’s 40th birthday, the 25-year-old revealed the party was initially her plan. “I came up with the idea because I knew it was his birthday. I want to do a birthday party, I wanted to do a cake.”

She added, “Now whether or not Demi knew this – obviously, there’s production involved in that element. But the whole thing was my idea. And so to see her come down with the cake that I was planning to do, that is what sent me over the edge and that’s what said ‘Alright, this cake is in the fire.”

Bachelor in Paradise bartender Wells Adams confirmed the cake was Mari’s idea

Bachelor in Paradise bartender Wells Adams also spilled the tea on his podcast Your Favorite Thing and confirmed the theory that the cake was Mari’s idea.

“[It] wasn’t really shown. I think that Mari had the idea to do a birthday celebration for Kenny and Demi beat her to it. And I think that really kind of fueled the fire a little bit.”

Acknowledging that Mari’s actions played a huge part in how things played out, he added, “There was a lot of conversations that we had that I had with her at the bar being like, ‘Hey, man, you kind of screwed this up. It’s OK you can fix it.’ But you can’t be mad at this poor kid. Because I think that what she thought was going to happen was that there was going to be more guys for her to date, not realizing that girls were coming in.”

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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