Mari Pepin goes blonde for Halloween

Mari Pepin
Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin found love on Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: @mari_pepin/Instagram

Mari Pepin rocked blonde wigs this Halloween. 

Mari and Kenny Braasch partied over Halloween weekend in fun costumes. 

The Bachelor in Paradise couple wore two different costumes, but Mari swapped her dark tresses for blonde wigs with each look. 

In one costume, Mari wore bunny ears and a sultry ensemble. 

Mari and Kenny paid homage to the iconic dinosaur film Jurassic Park in another costume. 

Kenny and Mari shared photos in their costumes with their thousands of followers. 

Mari Pepin and Kenny Braasch pose in couples’ costumes 

Mari Pepin took to Instagram to share photos of her and Kenny in their Jurassic Park-themed costumes. 

The BIP couple got their dogs involved, dressing the pups as adorable dinosaurs. 

Mari wore a pink collared top with a tank top underneath and completed the look with short tan shorts and tan-heeled boots. 

She wore a blonde wig with brown roots and added a pair of glasses to complete the look. 

Kenny wore a denim collared top, tan pants, and a black belt while accessorizing with a red bandanna around his neck, sunglasses, and a tan hat. 

The couple placed their dogs in a wagon with a sign that read, “Danger. Dinosaur Area. Keep Out.”

In the final slide of the post, Mari included the characters that inspired her and Kenny’s Halloween looks. 

Mari captioned the post, “Unleash the beasts.” 

On Mari’s Instagram Story, the couple posed with an inflated T-Rex, placing the Jurassic Park logo over the image. 

Mari Pepin and Kenny Braasch in costumes
Pic credit: @mari_pepin/Instagram

Going even more blonde, Mari turned up the heat in a different Halloween costume. 

Kenny shared a photo of him and Mari in their costumes during a night of partying. 

Mari wore a blonde wig with white and pink bunny ears. She showed off her toned physique in a white crop top, black tights, and white cowboy boots. She also wore a white bow tie around her neck. 

Kenny posed in a black wig and leather jacket while giving a rock-on sign to the camera. 

Mari Pepin and Kenny Braasch in costumes
Pic credit: @mari_pepin/Instagram

Mari Pepin shows off workout routine with puppy 

Mari is in incredible shape, especially after recently making it far in the Miss Intercontinental pageant. 

She gave followers a glimpse of her workout routine while also documenting the challenges of exercising with a puppy around. 

Mari did floor exercises while her dog crawled all over her and eventually rested on her abs. 

She even got her dog involved in the workout by using the pet as a weight and working out her arms.

Mari captioned the post, “*trying* to work out with a 6 month old puppy is fun???.” 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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