Mara Agrait didn’t think Shanae Ankney could surprise her after filming The Bachelor together

Shanae Ankney & Mara Agrait
Mara Agrait dishes on Shanae Ankney during the Click Bait podcast. Pic credit: ABC

When Mara Agrait appeared on the podcast Click Bait with Joe Amabile, Tia Booth, and Natasha Parker, on February 10, 2022, she dished about this season’s villain, Shanae Ankney.

In fact, Mara told the co-hosts that she thought she’d seen it all from Shanae since she had been in the house with her the whole time, but Shanae exceeded her surprise as she has watched the show back in real-time now.

Even Mara Agrait was shocked by Shanae Ankney’s antics as she has watched the show back

Mara said that she thought she knew all about Shanae, her antics, her bullying, her comments, from what she had seen first-hand, but she hadn’t anticipated all of the extra things she has seen from Shanae in the off-camera interviews.

Mara told Joe, Tia, and Natasha that she could not get over Shrimpgate, as she laughed on the podcast. She had no idea it was a thing in Bachelor Nation and that it was such a huge ordeal. Mara even said that Shanae was a good cook, and when Shanae offered her some of the shrimp that she had made, she definitely took some. She added that she would not turn down food.

She also couldn’t get over all of the snarky remarks, the lies and deceit, and the comments that she made about the girls, about Clayton, and about the whole process when she was giving interviews with production by herself. That had shocked Mara intensely.

The Click Bait co-hosts asked Mara about Shanae’s apology to the women

The co-hosts then asked Mara about Shanae’s apology to the group during the cocktail party, and if anyone believed she was being genuine and sincere, or if they all thought “it was a bunch of bull****.”

Again, Mara giggled a bit and responded by saying they of course knew that she was only apologizing for show, and every single one of the women knew the apology was insincere.

She made the comment that Shanae had been talking to Clayton because Clayton had been told by a group of women about how Shanae had shown up unexpectedly to the group date, said some choice words, and thrown the trophy into the water.

She went on to state that right after talking to Clayton, she came in, made that fake apology, and then went straight back to Clayton. Mara said it was basically a, “See I apologized to them. Everything is good now.” The co-hosts then made the joke that she got even more time with Clayton because of that whole situation, and Mara agreed.

Mara said that Shanae had an agenda

Mara continued to say that all of the women knew Shanae had an agenda and was very calculated in everything she did. She went on to say that Shanae was definitely not there for the right reasons.

As Mara answered their questions on the Click Bait podcast, Tia and Natasha talked about how Mara is without a doubt one of the most mature contestants on the show this season and was always so poised and mature throughout everything.

Again, Shanae has seemed to be the center of almost every issue on this season of The Bachelor. For some reason, Clayton keeps turning a blind eye toward it, even after so many of the women have told him otherwise. Maybe Episode 6 will be Shanae’s eviction date?!

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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