Malia White talks Captain Sandy Yawn’s management style amid Below Deck Med drama, praises Season 6 deck crew

Malia White from Below Deck Mediterranean dishes Captain Sandy Yawn as drama unfolds onscreen.
Malia is being brutally honest about Captain Sandy and her Season 6 deck team. Pic credit: Bravo

Malia White talks about Captain Sandy Yawn’s management style amid Below Deck Mediterranean drama and praises her Season 6 deck crew.

The bosun isn’t one to hold back her true feelings about working on the Bravo show. Malia stands up for herself and those she cares about, like the current guys on her team.

Season 6 has given viewers one of the closest deck crews in the franchise’s history. Lloyd Spencer, Mzi Dempers, David Pascoe, and Malia have created a close bond that includes working well together.

Malia praises deck crew amid Below Deck Med drama

The jet ski started to sink on the recent episode of Below Deck Med, sending Captain Sandy into a tailspin.

Fans know how crazy the captain is over the water toys. Captain Sandy beelines it to the deck to confront Malia, who defends her team, resulting in the captain calling Malia a liar in a confessional.

Malia used Instagram Stories to explain the jet ski issue and why she wanted to assess the situation before pointing fingers at her team. The bosun was not covering for anyone but simply wanted to carefully look into the problem first, especially since guests were around.

“Once we jumped in, checked the bungs, and knew that was the problem, there was a team meeting to find out who was accountable and how we as a team resolve it. No biggie for this deck crew,” she wrote.

Malia White talks jet ski incident.
Pic credit: @MaliaWhite/Instagram

Those weren’t the only kind words she had for Zee, David, and Lloyd. Malia expressed her love for them as individuals and as a team.

Malia loves her Season 6 deck crew.
Pic credit: @maliakpwhite/Instagram

Does Malia agree with Captain Sandy’s management style on Below Deck Mediterranean?

Season 6 has defeatedly showcased a different dynamic between the captain and the bosun than Season 5.

Malia was the teacher’s pet running to Captain Sandy with every little issue last season. This time around, Captain Sandy and Malia have already had one onscreen spat, with a heated fight still to come before Season 6 ends.

There has been some speculation editing did that on purpose because of all the fan backlash against them. However, Malia did admit their friendship was strained during filming because of the cameo video of the captain calling the bosun gay.

During an Instagram Stories Q&A, Malia was asked if she agrees with Captain Sandy’s management style.

“Not always. We all have different management styles, but she’s the captain, and I respect that. Until I’m in that position, I just have to observe and take notes,” the bosun replied.

Malia White dishes Captain Sandy management style.
Pic credit: @MaliaWhite/Instagram

Malia White from Below Deck Med continues to gush over her Season 6 deck team even as some issues are coming to light onscreen. The bosun has also addressed what she really thinks of Captain Sandy Yawn’s management style, which has come under fire a lot from viewers.

Season 6 has been one crazy ride, that’s for sure! Stay tuned because there’s still so much more to come as the season winds down.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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