Malia White blasts ‘haters’ as Adam slams her over love triangle on Below Deck Mediterranean

Close-up of Malia White's face on Below Deck Mediterranean
Malia White being confronted by Adam Glick on this week’s Below Deck Mediterranean

Malia White has hit out at “haters” who have laid into her following her love triangle storyline on Below Deck Mediterranean — as this week’s episode shows Adam Glick slamming her for leading him on.

Malia took to Instagram after last week’s episode addressing online comments that have criticized her actions on the Bravo show, which has seen her get cosy with both chef Adam and bosun Wes Walton.

The love triangle last week led to ugly scenes on the show when Adam and Wes ended up in a fight in a public square during a day out in Croatia’s capital Dubrovnik.

Addressing her message “To the haters”, Malia penned a heartfelt message saying she was just “young, having fun, making mistakes, learning lessons and kicking ass along the way!”

She added: “Take your hate elsewhere because it’s not going to good use here!”

The message was posted from the Philippines, from where Malia has posted a string of pictures of herself enjoying life. It was penned next to her posing next to a message spray-painted on a pavement saying “women are one hell of a drug”.

It comes as this week’s episode sees the aftermath of Wes and Adam’s fight, with deckhand Max Hagley blaming Malia for the whole situation.

One scene sees him telling Adam about Wes: “He has overreacted, but the whole thing…this all started from the beginning because she f***ing played you and she’s played Wes.”

When Malia walks in, he adds: “This is all caused because of you.”

Malia seems baffled and asks: “How is it my fault?”

Adam says, pointing at Adam: “Because you strung him along the whole time.”

When she starts to apologize, Adam says while looking directly at her: “I thought I met a beautiful person that I could trust, and she’s obviously untrustworthy.”

He adds: “You put yourself in this position.”

Malia agrees, saying: “You’re right, I did.”

Adam, ending the conversation, replies: “Yes you did. Congratulations. Later, skater.”

This week’s Below Deck Med also sees Wes trying to do everything he can to avoid Adam after their fight.

Meanwhile, a group of eccentric Texans board the boat and have a constant stream of demands.

Malia and Bob Giancola clash after her promotion to lead deckhand, and she gets in Captain Sandy Yawn’s bad books when she puts a routine anchor drop in jeopardy.

Bugsy Drake and Lauren Cohen get annoyed at the amount of work chief stew Hannah Ferrier does inside, while a flirtatious friendship between former rivals emerges unexpectedly…

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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