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Maja Radanovic and Gina Krasley suing Megalomedia after sting on My 600-lb Life

Gina Krasley is plaintiff number four in a string of lawsuits aimed at My 600-lb Life producers. Pic credit: TLC.
Gina Krasley is plaintiff number four in a string of lawsuits aimed at My 600-lb Life producers. Pic credit: TLC.

The floodgates for legal actions have been opened against the producers of TLC’s My 600-lb Life.

It feels like open season on the network TLC and producers Megalomedia, who have caught the crosshairs of one ambitious Texas attorney, Tony Buzbee.

Now, Maja Radanovic and Gina Krasley are each suing the company Megalomedia, based in Austin and London, for their episodes aired and subsequent fallout.

Adult video star Gina Krasley is the reported fourth cast member to sue Megalomedia, the show’s production company, for negligence and “breaching their duty of reasonable care.”

Time (and ratings) will tell if the audience reacts to this push back.

What this reveals is that there’s a limit to what production companies can successfully sell and present networks in pitch meetings in this day and age based on the litigious nature of some of these reality TV subjects.

It may come to be that the risk is not worth the reward for networks to be in the weight transformation business with liability issues growing and overall public sentiment changing.

Who from My 600-lb Life is suing Megalomedia?

My 600-Lb Life viewers already know that the late LB Bonner’s family filed a lawsuit against Megalomedia, the production company of the TLC weight loss show.

According to the legal documents, Bonner allegedly reached out to one of the production assistants from My 600-lb Life for help while he fell into a deep depression. The text messages reportedly said he was “a f*cked up wreck right now,” “not in a good place,” and “I had a breakdown.”

Then David Bolton hired the same Texas attorney and followed their lead. The lawsuit first reported by contends producers are guilty of negligence and breach of conduct concerning covering medical bills promised to the plaintiff.

Angela Gutierrez has let it be known (via Starcasm) that she is toying with the idea of suing the series producers because she wanted to expose “the truth” of what she claims happens on the dramatic weight loss series.

Now Maja Radanovich also filed, followed by Gina Krasley, making her the fourth confirmed cast member to join in the legal actions against the production company by attorney Tony Buzbee.

According to her legal claim posted on Starcasm:

Defendants’ [Megalomedia] actions described above were so reckless as to cause severe emotional distress suffered by the Plaintiff [Radanovich]. Defendants’ conduct was extreme and outrageous given their knowledge of the fact that persons undergoing extreme weight loss programs are much more prone to depression and suicide. Defendants knew or had reason to know of facts that created a high degree of risk of harm to the Plaintiff and then deliberately proceeded to act in conscious disregard of or with indifference to that risk. Defendants’ actions clearly indicate that their desire to boost ratings and film season seven of their television show were more important than the Plaintiff’s mental health. Their actions are so outrageous in character and so extreme in degree that they go beyond all possible bounds of decency and are regarded as atrocious and utterly intolerable in a civilized community.

Will there be more My 600-lb Life lawsuits?

Based on what we see out there with disgruntled ex-cast members, Buzbee may become the legal eagle Gloria Allred of lawsuits against Megalomedia.

Schenee Murry is one such former patient who had used crowd-sourced money funding websites and the media to voice her unhappiness with the show’s process.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays on TLC.

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