MAFS: Virginia Coombs gets honest about the San Diego couples after the latest episode

MAFS alum Virginia Coombs gives her take on the new couples after the latest episode.
Virginia Coombs recaps the latest MAFS episode. Pic credit: @ meet_virg_/Instagram

Married at First Sight star Virginia Coombs recently shared her views on San Diego couples who took the plunge for the eight-week experiment.

Things didn’t work out well for Virginia during her Season 12 debut when she was paired with Erik Lake.

The couple has since divorced and Virginia is living her best single life. However, she’s been keeping up with the Season 15 cast and gave her take on the newly married couples after the latest episode.

While the newlyweds haven’t known each other for very long, many of them are already past the honeymoon stage with lots of issues brewing.

The couples are now sharing an apartment as they try to mesh their lives but it has not been smooth sailing.

While no one has moved out of their apartment quite yet– like in some seasons past– a teaser for the upcoming episode shows that one couple might be heading down that road.

Virginia Coombs sees a rocky road ahead for one couple

Virginia started off her recap for PEOPLE by giving her take on Morgan and Binh who started to make some leeway but that won’t last long based on the preview for next week.

“While I have not lost all hope for this couple, I truly do not think they like each other,” shared the Married at First Sight alum. “The body language and awkward interactions speak volumes more than their words do.”

Next up were Krysten and Mitch who continue to have personality clashes. However, Virginia admires the pair for doing “everything they can to stay true to themselves.”

“They both don’t hold back and say what is on their mind. However, they are very different, and without compromise on BOTH their ends, things could get rocky,” she added.

MAFS alum Virginia Coombs gets honest about the couples

Virginia also discussed Miguel and Lindy who are in disagreement about several things in their marriage.

“This couple needs time to continue opening up and seeing each other’s side of things,” reasoned the Married at First Sight star. “However, having such different views of what being in a serious relationship means is going to continue to be an issue.”

As for Nate and Stacia, they are not on the same page and things took a nasty turn when Nate aimed his frustrations at his wife.

“This couple is all over the place and I do feel that Stacia is trying harder in the relationship while Nate just might be looking for an excuse to get out,” said Virginia, who then dished on Justin and Alexis.

The couple was hot and heavy until Justin’s dog attacked Alexis’ dog and now their relationship seems up in the air.

“I cannot decide how I feel about this couple,” confessed Virginia. “I admire Alexis for sticking it out when she would normally run, but I already see toxicity and resentment forming between them.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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