MAFS’ Vincent and Briana celebrate one year of marriage

MAFS Briana and Vincent smile for promo picture
MAFS Season 12’s golden couple Briana and Vincent. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight’s Season 12 sweethearts, Briana and Vincent are the last couple from their season standing at the one-year mark.

One year ago today, five couples embarked on a unique journey down the altar and married a stranger at first sight. Of those five couples, only one remains — Briana and Vincent Morales.

Today marks this couple’s first anniversary, and these two aren’t wasting a minute of it.

MAFS milestone for Briana and Vincent

Vincent posted a photo to his Instagram marking the special occasion and all the ups and downs that got the couple to where they are today.

Vincent said that through it all, they continued to choose each other, which was why they had made it as far as they had.

In the comment for the post, Vincent discusses how although the couple known as the “golden couple” of Season 12 got a lot of support, there were also some harsh criticisms. The couple seemed to have more ups than downs and more good than bad in their lives and relationship.

Between just buying a new home, a recent fun-filled trip to LA, and making it to their one-year anniversary, this couple certainly has a lot to celebrate!

One year down, forever to go

The couple has had one eventful year, that is for sure. One year ago today, the couple was walking down the aisle to meet each other for the very first time, as they said, “I do.” They were joined by four other couples, Erik and Virginia Lake, Clara and Ryan Oubre, Haley and Jacob Harder, and Chris Williams and Paige Banks.

Of those couples, two didn’t make it past the honeymoon, and two made it past Decision Day before announcing their respective divorces within weeks of each other. Of the Season 12 couples, only Briana and Vincent are left.

Briana and Vincent won the vote and hearts of many fans as early as the honeymoon when Vincent’s grandmother passed away and his brand new bride Briana stood by his side, comforting him and encouraging him. The couple has stayed rock solid ever since.

The couple had a few disagreements over the course of the show, mainly over Briana’s “bossiness,” as they put it, but the couple soon learned more effective ways to communicate with each other and moved on from the issues. The couple’s commitment to working through whatever came up has always been one of their greatest attributes and seems to have certainly paid off.

The couple now continues to settle into their post MAFS lives in their new Atlanta home with their dog, Cookie. Although their MAFS days aren’t too far behind them, they continue to make appearances on the show’s Couples Cam series. Fans (and we) are glad they do because we think everyone is excited to see what these two are up to on their next anniversary!

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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