MAFS viewers weigh in on Justin and Alexis’ latest argument

Justin from Married at First Sight Season 15
Alexis and Justin were matched and married on Married at First Sight Season 15. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight’s latest episode concluded with an emotional exchange between Justin and Alexis. 

While Justin and Alexis moved the fastest of all the couples by declaring they were in love during the honeymoon, their relationship hasn’t been smooth sailing back in the real world. 

Along with struggling to acclimate their dogs, resulting in a bloody attack, Justin and Alexis have also struggled to communicate. 

During their recent group dinner with their fellow MAFS costars, Justin and Alexis’s communication challenges were visible. 

The group shared updates on their marriage, and Alexis shared that she didn’t want to speak but instead just wanted to listen. In her confessional, Alexis suggested she wanted to listen rather than hurt Justin’s feelings by listing his shortcomings. 

Alexis’s desire to just listen made Justin feel insecure and begin to second-guess whether they were in a good place.

The dinner resulted in Alexis and Justin stepping away from the table separately as Alexis cried and professed her hurt. 

MAFS viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Alexis and Justin’s tableside drama. 

MAFS viewers address Justin and Alexis’ recent fight 

After Alexis and Justin’s public conflict during a group date, a MAFS viewer tweeted, “Justin and Alexis that couple that always makes it awkward for everyone else.” 

One critic wrote, “Who is she fooling? Alexis didn’t wanna chat openly about their relationship at the couples dinner, yet she was sipping all the tea on everyone else’s business. Justin slick called her out on it because normally she had PLENTY to say!”

Alexis appeared to lose a fan as a critic expressed, “I’m looking at Alexis so differently. She completely rubs me the wrong way now.” 

Another commenter suggested, “Alexis is so checked out of the marriage that she hates when Justin breaths.” 

MAFS viewers note how the tables have turned for Alexis and Justin 

Justin also got critique for how he’s behaved in their relationship, with a critic tweeting, “Justin got so much to say about other peoples relationship and can’t handle his.” 

Another viewer wrote, “Justin, you can’t force someone to project their emotions when it’s convenient for you. Sometimes people need a moment to process.”

Finally, a viewer spoke about how Alexis and Justin are no longer in the honeymoon phase as before, they were professing their love in front of the other couples, and now they’re fighting in front of them.

The commenter tweeted, “The tables have really turned on Alexis and Justin. After all that judgment at the honeymoon dinners they’re now the messy ones.”

Alexis intervened in Morgan and Binh’s relationship 

Alexis and Justin weren’t the only ones butting heads in this episode.

Morgan and Binh also had a falling out as Morgan accused Binh of betrayal. 

Morgan revealed that Alexis had overheard Binh’s conversation with Justin and informed her that Binh was making Morgan sound like a bad person. 

After Alexis intervened, Morgan felt that Binh had broken her trust several times, especially after their clash during the honeymoon, and she abruptly left the apartment. 

When the couple was supposed to celebrate their one-month anniversary, Morgan instead called Binh out, declaring Binh had lost all her trust and respect. 

Despite Morgan feeling hurt, she informed Binh she would stay in the marriage seemingly out of pure spite. 

Previews for the upcoming episode tease Morgan confronting Binh in front of the other couples, and time will tell if Alexis chimes in yet again. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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