MAFS viewers root for Justin and Alexis, praise Alexis’ communication skills

Alexis on Married at First Sight
Justin and Alexis got matched on Married at First Sight Season 15. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 15 saw the honeymoon come to an end in the latest episode.

However, it appears Justin and Alexis are still in the honeymoon stage. 

Justin and Alexis fell for one another fast, declaring they loved each other during the honeymoon. 

While many MAFS viewers critiqued their quick use of the L-word, the recent episode had some viewers changing their tune about the couple. 

Alexis and Justin demonstrated their ability to communicate in a heartfelt scene after a couple’s dinner. In the scene, Alexis noted how Justin felt the need to intervene and protect fellow husband Binh at their couple’s dinner after Binh expressed reservations about his wife, Morgan.

Justin became emotional while explaining that he felt bad that Binh was ‘cheated’ in his marriage, and Alexis explained that he couldn’t save everyone and he can’t stop others from hurting by hurting with them. Alexis also encouraged him by telling him not to apologize for his big heart.

MAFS viewers appreciated how Alexis handled the situation and voiced rooting for the couple’s success. 

Alexis praised for not emasculating Justin 

MAFS viewers took to Twitter to react to Alexis and Justin on the latest episode. 

A fan complimented Alexis, writing, “Alexis is incredibly emotionally intelligent. I love how she’s pivoting to be more in tune with her sensitive side towards others, especially to Justin without losing herself and her bluntness in the process.” 

Another viewer wrote, “I’m here for Alexis lifting Justin up!” 

One MAFS fan wrote, “I love how Alexis does NOT emasculate him though. She allows him to have genuine feelings, talks him through, and lifts his head up. No wonder so many men asked for her hand in marriage. She’s definitely a wife.” 

Tweet about Justin and Alexis
Pic credit: @_RavenClinique/Twitter

Another tweet read, “That conversation with Alexis and Justin was heartwarming. She corrects him respectfully and comforted him in the process.” 

Tweet about Justin and Alexis
Pic credit: @brewsy_love/Twitter

MAFS viewers felt Alexis’ treatment of Justin was powerful, with one fan writing, “When Alexis tells Justin to not apologize for his heart. I love them so much.” 

Another supporter added, “That had a lot of power in that moment cause we as men aren’t encouraged to show emotion without being ridiculed for to see someone empower a man’s masculinity in a vulnerable state is powerful.” 

Tweet about Justin and Alexis
Pic credit: @SMelody1128/Twitter

Alexis and Justin win over some MAFS viewers 

A MAFS fan spoke positively of Justin and Alexis, writing, “Y’all hard on Justin! I think him & Alexis are super cute. He’s happy to be there because he was actually looking for love, and he found it..” 

Another tweet read, “Wait a damn minute! Are these two growing on me? Alexis and Justin are starting to look kinda cute together.” 

A fan expressed, “I really hope Alexis & Justin stay together. Their second run on Real Housewives is going to be AMAZING!” 

Finally, one viewer wrote, “Justin and Alexis seem like the opposites attracts thing may actually work. Don’t make me regret rooting for y’all.” 

Time will tell if Alexis and Justin’s relationship will continue to have more highs than lows. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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