MAFS viewers react to Myrla and Johnny’s latest video regarding the status of their relationship

Myrla and Johnny sit together
Myrla and Johnny provide a mysterious update on their relationship status. Pic credit: Lifetime

Myrla and Johnny have enjoyed teasing MAFS viewers about whether their friendship is more than platonic.

From being hesitant to say they’re just friends when asked by Kevin Frasier at the reunion, revealing that several of their friends thought they were dating during the Where Are They Now special, to several less than platonic comments post-show, Myrla and Johnny continue to add fuel to the rumors that they’ve become more than friends.

And their latest video is no exception.

Myrla Feria and Johnny Lam laugh about being ‘purely platonic’

Johnny Lam shared a TikTok video that featured him and Myrla cozied up at a bar.

Johnny put his arm around Myrla as the two mouthed audio from Keeping Up With the Kardashians stars Kourtney Kardashian and her ex Scott Disick.

Myrla mouths Kourtney’s part saying, “We’re friends.” Johnny then chimes in and mouths, “Purely platonic.”

Then Myrla proceeds to laugh along with the video as Johnny mouths, “What’s so funny?” and Myrla giddily mouths, “I don’t know.”

Johnny captioned the video saying, “For everyone wondering…hope this answers the question” using a series of hashtags including #besties.

The audio is notable because Kourtney and Scott were very much a couple at one point and Myrla and Johnny seem to be inferring they could possibly be a couple as well.

Either way, Johnny and Myrla both seem more than aware that their facetious video left the status of their relationship still a mystery, as they seem to want fans to continue to speculate if their relationship has become romantic.

However, MAFS fans were more unimpressed by Myrla and Johnny’s video than intrigued.

MAFS viewers accuse Myrla and Johnny of being desperate for attention

While Johnny and Myrla’s friend and fellow castmate Rachel Gordillo found the video funny and even reposted it writing, “[Johnny] and [Myrla] putting rumors to rest…or are they,” others were more exasperated by Myrla and Johnny’s antics.

Rachel IG story
Pic credit: @rachintheh/Instagram

Johnny’s video with Myrla received loads of disapproving comments and criticism.

One commenter reminded Myrla and Johnny that they were “the two most unliked of the season” hence why they’ve bonded.

IG comment
Pic credit: @racheljonesmm/Instagram

Another commenter let Myrla know they feel Johnny is a huge downgrade from her ex-husband Gil and Myrla later replied writing, “you sure bout that?” with a laughing emoji and a skull emoji.

IG comment
Pic credit: @yourstruly_eb/Instagram

Several comments let Myrla and Johnny know that no one cares about their love life together, especially now that they’re off the show and have possibly shown their true colors in the poor way they treated their MAFS ex-spouses. One commenter even noted how Gil is gaining lots of love and followers while Myrla and Johnny are using immature antics to gain clout and attention.

IG Comment
Pic credit: @still_bize/Instagram

One commenter effectively summed up what many feel about Myrla and Johnny’s “Will they, won’t they” schtick and beckoned Myrla to stop the nonsense.

IG Comment
Pic credit: @its_me_lyn_lopez/Instagram

If Myrla and Johnny are in fact dating they would be the second set of castmates to date another spouse from their season, after Bao and Zack. 

Bao and Zack’s relationship crashed and burned and it remains to be seen if Myrla and Johnny will enter into a romance that does the same.

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, January 5th at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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2 years ago

Definitely the MOST unliked on the show, they both treated their spouses like dirt. Myrla certainly is no upgrade from Bao either, with her greasy looking hair, and head that looks like her mama, always had the back of her head smashed to the mattress when she was a baby. BTW Myrla, that outfit looks just like another one of your clown getups. You look HIDEOUS every time you “try” to dress up, snd a lush to boot?