MAFS viewers proud of Emily for finally ending her marriage to Brennan

MAFS couple Brennan Shoykhet and Emily Balch screenshot
Emily Balch ends her marriage to Brennan Shoykhet. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight viewers were no doubt screaming at their TV screens as the scenes between Emily Balch and Brennan Shoykhet played out.

As if he didn’t already look like a villain, Brennan stepped things up a notch until Emily finally reached her breaking point.

Fans of the show are happy that the 29-year-old finally ended her nightmare marriage – something she should have done weeks ago.

Emily felt hopeful that things had turned around after she went through her scary ATV accident, and Brennan decided to start acting like a husband.

Viewers saw his feeble attempt to care for his wife, but they knew it wouldn’t last.

Emily finally got a rude awakening in the latest episodes when Clare revealed Brennan had been going on dates while she recovered from her accident.

That was the final straw after an entire season of shady behavior, and Emily finally ended the nonsense.

MAFS fans are happy that Emily broke up with Brennan

Emily finally found her voice after putting up with Brennan’s antics for weeks on end.

However, in the latest episode, she blasted the 28-year-old over his behavior and confronted him about dating other women.

Not surprisingly, Brennan showed no remorse and even claimed that Emily was being ungrateful after he saved her life. As for how he did that, maybe the scene got lost on the cutting room floor.

Either way, MAFS fans are just happy that Emily finally ended her tragic marriage.


“She has finally found her backbone, and is standing up for herself and what she deserves! I am so proud of her!! ” wrote someone else.

An MAFS viewer reasoned “She handled that relationship with so much grace and positivity. He gave her nothing and then gaslighted her. Two thumbs down for Brennan.”

Another person “I knew his caring husband act after her wreck wouldn’t last long. Go girl! I’ve been waiting all season pretty much for her to stand up to his crap. I love you Emily! “

MAFS viewer comments
MAFS fans love Emily. Pic credit: @mafslifetime/Instagram

Decision Day is fast approaching for the Denver couples

Meanwhile, the season is slowly ending with the much anticipated Decision Day set to kick off next week.

At this point, three couples have called it quits, one couple should’ve called it quits weeks ago, and the newest couple on the block, Mike and Chloe are trying to fake it till they make it.

Either way, the couples have the weight of Decision Day on their shoulders.

Some hope to find closure in their relationships, while others look to find a way forward and stay married. We’ll see how it all plays out next week.

Married At First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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