MAFS viewers dislike Myrla and Johnny even more after seeing them cozied up on vacation together

After the Married at First Sight reunion, viewers like Myrla Feria and Johnny Lam even less. Pic credit: Lifetime

While Married at First Sight viewers already weren’t fans of Johnny Lam or Myrla Feria this season, they seem to like them even less together.

Both divorcing their prospective matches on the social experiment, the two came under fire after photos resurfaced on the reunion of them cozied up on a beach vacation together.

MAFS viewers dislike Myrla and Johnny even more after seeing them cozied up on vacation together

Leaving the season, Myrla and Johnny already weren’t fan-favorites with how they treated their partners in the experience.

The reunion special proved to be shocking as Johnny and Myrla’s flirty interactions caused her ex-husband Gil Cuero to storm off stage.

Clarifying the circumstances behind the photo on the beach together, Johnny explained Myrla was there for her birthday and he happened to be there for a wedding.

“It just happened to be at the same place, at the same time,” Johnny told host Kevin Frazier.

Popular MAFS fan account @realitvwithbee captured Johnny and Myrla’s vacation picture and posted it onto their account for fans to add their two cents.

It’s clear observers are having strong feelings as one user wrote, “They make me sick. Flaunting their ‘bestie’ status and acting so carefree is just plain rude and heartless.”

The critic added, “They need to disappear and not have any more attention given to them. IMO. Gil and Bao both deserve better.”

Pic credit: @realitvwithbee/Instagram

Another commentator compared them to birds of the same feather and added, “Self centered people, don’t like either one of them.”

Pic credit: @realitvwithbee/Instagram

Both Johnny Lam and Myrla Feria recieved major backlash on how they treated their partners

As soon as the cast’s social media went public, Johnny’s comment section was in shambles with viewers giving their harsh critiques over his horrible treatment of his wife Bao.

Myrla got her share of backlash regarding her handling of her ex-husband, Gil Cuero. While the two decided to stay together, Myrla blindsided both viewers and Gil by asking for divorce only 14 days later.

Making it more of a gut punch, Gil revealed at the reunion he sold all his belongings to be with his future ex-wife.

Do you think Myrla Feria and Johnny Lam are dating? Let us know in the comments.

Married at First Sight Season 14 premieres Wednesday, January 5th, at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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2 years ago

Thank goodness Gil didn’t have kids with Myrla. She’s a very cruel and self-centered person…just like Johnny.