MAFS viewers demand the experts apologize to Chris Collette after pairing him with Alyssa Ellman

Alyssa Ellman
MAFS viewers are angry with experts and Alyssa Ellman. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight viewers have overwhelmingly expressed not being a fan of Alyssa Ellman, especially after the latest episode where she continued to bash husband Chris Collette. 

As Alyssa disrespects Chris at every turn, MAFS viewers feel he was robbed by the experts and that his appearance has been disrespected by production. 

Many MAFS viewers have voiced their frustration online and have demanded the experts give Chris an apology. 

MAFS viewers critique the experts and defend Chris Collette 

MAFS viewers took to Twitter in droves to air out their thoughts on Chris and Alyssa’s marriage. 

One MAFS fan wrote, “I need the experts and producers to issue a formal apology to Chris for how he’s being treated. This is just mean” and the tweet led to several comments that expressed agreement. 

MAFS viewer tweet
Pic credit: @purposefullypri/Twitter

One commenter wrote, “The experts need to apologize to Chris & not let him suffer another day. And they need to make sure they tell Alyssa about herself.” 

MAFS viewer tweet
Pic credit: @MyNameBeKbrew/Twitter

A slew of MAFS viewers felt that not only does Chris deserve a formal apology from the experts, he also deserves a second chance at getting married at first sight since he was committed to the process but was matched with a woman who threw in the towel and has gaslit him since day one. 

A MAFS viewer wrote, “Yes! And he deserves to have another chance !!”

Another MAFS fan echoed those sentiments, commenting, “I agree. Chris should get an apology and a second chance at love.” 

MAFS viewer's tweets
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MAFS viewers call out the disrespect towards Chris Collette’s appearance 

The editing on Married at First Sight has continued to negatively highlight Chris’ features. 

A MAFS viewer expressed feeling like the editing that paints Chris’ appearance in a negative light is rude and disrespectful. The viewer wrote, “The way production zooms in on his teeth and body is disgusting and so disrespectful. They owe him an apology.”

Some MAFS viewers want the experts to be held accountable and apologize to Chris and others are looking forward to the experts facing off against Alyssa. One MAFS fan wrote, “I can’t wait to see Pastor Cal and Dr. Pepper put her in her place!! Then, I hope she gets zero screen time after that.” 

Another MAFS critic dished on the experts letting Chris down by commenting, “They OWE HIM BIG! It’s unacceptable.THEY HAVE ALLOWED THIS GIRL to be ABUSIVE all for a CHECK! Send her A** HOME!” 

A MAFS viewer voiced their agreement, writing, “I agree! He was signed up with a really BAD match and terrible person!” 

MAFS viewers' tweets
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With the couples now leaving their honeymoon and returning to the real world, time will tell how the experts address Chris and Alyssa’s utterly rocky relationship. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on ABC.