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MAFS viewers are excited about the season after seeing the explosive trailer for what’s left to come

Michaela wears a wedding dress and veil at the altar
Michaela turns into “Hurricane K” in the Married at First Sight Season 13 trailer. Pic credit: Lifetime

After over a dozen seasons of Married at First Sight, viewers have come to learn that the best, meatiest content comes after the weddings. 

Now having watched almost six hours worth of weddings, we have finally gotten a glimpse into what’s in store this season, and how these marriages will really play out once the honeymoon phase fades. 

The MAFS Season 13 promo trailer became the most talked about moment of the night and it did not disappoint in creating intrigue. It also had fans excitedly reacting about the upcoming shocking moments and ups and downs.

MAFS fans find the meltdowns in the trailer fascinating and stressful 

Almost all five MAFS Season 13 couples expressed being attracted to their spouse and happy about their match to varying degrees, whether it be just feeling generally content with their new spouse or being outright overjoyed. 

The weddings made it appear as though each couple had some potential to make it and have a successful love story, but then that promo trailer told a different story, filled with fights, tears, and door slams, and viewers have thoughts. 

One fan expressed that their favorite part of the Married at First Sight series is the preview for the season that starts off all sweet and loving and then quickly transitions into a “dumpster fire.”

Another viewer suggested they’re disappointed, but not surprised, by all the meltdowns that were shown in the promo and knew these relationships weren’t going to be as perfect as they initially appeared. 

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A commenter expressed essentially feeling bamboozled by thinking that the experts might have actually done a solid job with the couples they matched this season, only to see the preview and realize it may all go downhill from here. 

Michaela steals the show 

Of all the surprising moments in the trailer, clips of Michaela’s dramatic outbursts stood out the most. 

Zack and Michael had appeared to be a perfect match due to their shared interests and backgrounds. Fans had been loving Michaela for her big and bright personality and infectious excitement about her new husband, Zack. So seeing her scream, slam doors, and storm off was unexpected. 

Michaela’s sisters had nicknamed Michaela “Hurricane K” because of the side of her that can get very upset and explosive. Michaela acknowledged the truth to that, admitting that she sometimes can throw tantrums, which we witnessed in full force during the trailer. 

Many people took to social media to comment their shock about seeing this more eruptive side of Michaela. A commenter recalled Michaela’s stormy nickname and stated that Zack “found himself in a category 5 hurricane in those previews.” 

It seems Michaela truly does live up to her nickname and it looks like Zack and Michaela’s road to love won’t be as smooth and easy as it was at the start, which was disappointing to viewers who were rooting for the couple.

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While many people hoped that MAFS Season 13 would be drama-free and a welcomed improvement from the hot mess of season 12, it looks like there will be more explosive and rocky relationships ahead this season. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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