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MAFS Unmatchables finale sneak preview: Sam reads tarot cards and sleeps with an alien head

It’s time for the Married at First Sight: Unmatchables finale, and it looks like they may have saved the best for last.

In this MAFS Unmatchables exclusive sneak peek, we get to meet Sam. The first things we learn about Sam are that he is a tarot card reader and that he sleeps with a bright green stuffed alien head every night.

Sam is looking for his life partner with good credit

Sam introduces himself in a way that shows us why the MAFS experts might have been hesitant to match him up for instant marriage. He’s a very quirky 29-year-old Gemini who knows what he wants — and that would be a life partner with whom he can raise exactly two kids.

He says, “I want a life partner who I can raise two children with.”

He continued, “Every family that I know with three or more kids is very unhappy,” before taking it back and then confessing that he comes from a family with three or more kids.

Then, Sam goes on to reveal, “My type is pretty specific. No romance without finance. I’m not just marrying you for love, I’m marrying your motherf**king credit score. So it better be good, b***h.”

Sam’s friend Tori shares what he doesn’t need on MAFS Unmatchables

As with all the previous episode of MAFS Unmatchables, Sam has a friend with him to talk about his personality and dating history.

The first thing that Tori tells us is that “one thing Sam does not need help with is his self-confidence. He’ll enter a room and say, ‘Hello, I’m interesting!'”

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Then, after Sam explains that he is a “Gemini, through and through,” Tori reveals that her friend is very indecisive. One day he’ll like something, and the next, he won’t.

However, Sam draws the line at the saying that Geminis are “two-faced,” instead explaining that he is “many faced.”

“He changes jobs like he changes men,” Tori explains.

Sam also admits that he’s changed his belief system several times as well. Tori interjects that he “seems to have a new personality or style every single day.”

Speaking of Sam’s style, it’s definitely out there. He explains how he’s been into florals, stripes, and pretty much every other trend that has popped up. Now he’s embracing his inner Carole Baskin with animal prints but based on everything we’ve learned, that won’t last long.

So how do you match such an outgoing, ever-changing man who wants exactly two kids and a life partner with great credit? We’ll have to tune in and see what Pastor Cal and Dr. Viviana have planned.

In the meantime, make sure to check out the exclusive MAFS Unmatchables sneak peek above. Tonight, we’ll see how Sam compares to others featured this season such as Evan Nicole, who has a foot fetish and enjoys her bathroom a little too much, or Xavius, who works as a funeral director and has a very sensitive sniffer.

Sam on MAFS Unmatchables
Sam is looking for a life partner with a good credit score. Pic credit: Lifetime

MAFS Unmatchables airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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