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MAFS Unmatchables exclusive: Dr. Viviana gives Chaz a special makeover

This week on Married at First Sight Unmatchables, Dr. Viviana Coles takes a different approach in helping Chaz get ready to date in a more meaningful way. She’s giving him a makeover — HGTV style!

In this MAFS Unmatchables, exclusive sneak peek, we get to see the special touches that Dr. V added to Chaz’s home, making it a more inviting and warm place to visit and also helping him to put down his roots and to stop living in a stark, undecorated place.

Dr. Viviana explains why she decided to spruce up Chaz’s home

As the scene begins, we see Chaz knocking on his own door before Dr. Viviana invites him to come on in. When he does, he is floored. His living room has been changed quite a bit with just a few throw pillows and other accents that the previously basic room was missing.

She wasn’t done there, either.

“This is your place but more mature,” Dr. Viviana told Chaz while giving him a tour. The upgrade is meant to take him into adulthood after years of living the college life and leaving his home looking bare and basic.

Dr. Viviana also compared Chaz’s bare-bones home and his indifference when it comes to adding accents and settling in to his issues in relationships.

Chaz admits he’s ‘cautious’ in relationships

“I do get a little cautious. To be vulnerable, to be trusting of another person…” Chaz explained.

“This is what settling down looks like… and it’s not bad!” Dr. Viviana exclaimed.

“I think there’s some truth in what she said for sure,” Chaz said in the confessional. “How do I actually expect to commit to a life partner if I can’t even commit to a throw pillow?”

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That’s a great point, Chaz!

It will be interesting to see who the Married at First Sight Unmatchables experts decide to match Chaz, who has been dubbed the “Superficial Loverboy,” up with for a date and what issues they might be working on. After all, if he can commit to his new digs, maybe he can commit to a new relationship too.

As for Dr. Viviana, she seems to be really enjoying making over others’ homes and could probably moonlight on a home renovation show. She’s definitely giving us some Trading Spaces vibes, and she did a great job on making Chaz’s home look a lot more grown-up.

To see what happens this week with Chaz on MAFS Unmatchables, check out the exclusive sneak peek above, and be sure to tune in for more tonight.

Chaz on MAFS Unmatchables
Chaz gets to see improvements made on his house on MAFS Unmatchables. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight: Unmatchables airs on Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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