MAFS: Steve Moy opens up about the intricacies of growing up multi-racial

Steve Moy opens up about his racial background in a transparent post on social media.
Steve Moy gets transparent about his background. Pic credit: @therealstevemoy/Instagram

Steve Moy is getting personal and honest about what it was like for him growing up being multi-racial.

The former Married at First Sight star shared a post on social media where he opened up about his heritage.

He explained how his background helped shape his experiences while navigating through society.

At one point, Steve wrote, “It’s a privilege to have grown up with the perspective of two separate races.” He told his followers he is White and Asian and always felt it was hard to choose which ethnicity he felt more connected to.

Steve revealed that his parents got together shortly after interracial marriage became legal, however their relationship was still frowned upon where they lived.

The touching post elaborates on Steve’s experiences with racism, what he learned about discrimination, and how he hopes to remind people to not judge others based on things they can’t control.

Steve Moy shares what he’s learned about racism

Steve continued to show his vulnerability as he talked about his first run-in with racism. He says the person didn’t know about his racial makeup, and even he didn’t realize he could experience racism.

He wrote, “When I was younger, I thought that only minority races were susceptible to racism, because I couldn’t think of a slur that could inflict as much pain on the White ‘part’ of me as it did my Asian ‘part.'”

From that experience, Steve says he learned that anyone could face prejudice. For him, the moment partially became the reason he works to ensure he doesn’t discriminate against others today and tries to spread positivity.

Steve ended his caption by referencing the photo in his post, highlighting his eyes. He jokes that his genetics went against the grain by giving him hazel eyes when his dad has brown eyes and his mom’s eyes are blue. He says he feels he got a mixture of both, creating a unique shade he’s proud of.

MAFS is headed to Nashville

Season 16 of MAFS is scheduled to premiere in early 2023. The show will be set in Nashville for the first time, with five couples hoping to fall in love.

The cast has been revealed, and fans have been given the first preview of their wedding days.

Like seasons before, the new couples have tried various forms of dating and have not found the luck they were hoping for. They’ve put their faith in the team of experts and trust them to find their perfect match.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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