MAFS stars encourage Jamie Otis after critic throws shade at her body 

Jamie Otis
Jamie Otis calls out a hurtful comment made about her body. Pic credit: Lifetime

Jamie Otis has often used her platform to vulnerably discuss her insecurities and champion body positivity.

However, Jamie still sometimes receives negative and disparaging comments targeting her body.

Recently, Jamie put one of the rude comments she received on blast and received support from two Married at First Sight Season 11 stars.

Jamie Otis exposes a rude comment made about her body

Jamie Otis shared a video from her beach trip with MAFS husband Doug Hehner.

In the video, Jamie Otis runs and jumps into Doug’s arms as he lovingly holds her up and spins her around right by the ocean’s shore. 

The scenic video captures Jamie and Doug’s love and joyful spirit; however, a negative comment was left on the post. 

Jamie shared the video with the rude comment attached. The commenter wrote, “Use ur knees buddy hurt ur back pickin up that much weight.” 

In the past, Jamie candidly shared her weight journey and the struggles she faced when embracing her body post-pregnancy. An insecurity Jamie shared publicly was being bigger than her spouse, and the comment on her post appeared to shame her for those insecurities surrounding her body. 

In the caption of her post, Jamie composed a classy clap back to the commenter, writing, “Just wanted to let ya know his back is just fine…Try lifting a woman up. You’ll see it’s actually easy and doesn’t hurt at all. #seewhatididthere.” 

Amani Randall and Karen Landry come to Jamie Otis’ defense 

Jamie’s post and caption were met with love by friends and followers, including Married at First Sight Season 11 stars Amani Randall and Karen Landry Williams. 

Karen called out the rude commenter and wrote, “Sounds like a really lonely person to me. Fxxk them and keep getting spun in the sun with your man!” 

Amani appeared to agree with the sentiment that the rude commenter is an unhappy person writing, “Ppl are so miserable! They’re probably jealous they don’t have anyone to pick them up or anyone to pick up. #loser.” 

Jamie Otis comment section
Pic credit: @jamienotis/Instagram

Having been one of the longest-standing members of the Married at First Sight franchise, Jamie is no stranger to scrutiny as a public figure. She seems to be combatting the negativity of others with body positivity and celebrating her relationship with Doug. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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