MAFS star Erik Lake supports wife Logen amid ‘grueling’ infertility journey

MAFS star Erik Lake and Logen Lake selfie
Erik Lake and his wife Logen Lake talk infertility struggles. Pic credit: @padawan_punz/Instagram

Erik Lake and his new wife, Logen Lake, should still be in happily wedded bliss after tying the knot over the summer, and they are — but it’s not all sunshine and rose.

The Married at First Sight star and his wife have been going through a “grueling” journey, and they’ve been opening up about that on social media.

Logen revealed some time ago that she’s struggling with infertility, but the pair remains hopeful that they’ll be able to have a child together.

We already know about Erik’s desire to start a family, as he shared those plans during his Season 12 stint.

It wasn’t the right time for Erik because his then-wife, Virginia Coombs, wasn’t on the same page.

Thankfully, after their divorce, he didn’t have to put those dreams on hold for too long since he found Logen, and the two are compatible in more ways than one.

The newlyweds are eager to start a family, but they’ve been having major challenges.

MAFS star Erik Lake supports his wif,e Logen Lak,e as she battles infertility

The husband and wife duo both have busy careers — one a pilot and the other a registered nurse — but they recently took some time to travel and distract from Logen’s infertility issues.

She recently shared a slew of photos on Instagram from their trips to California, New York, Montana, Aruba, and Texas as she applauded Erik for being her rock during this difficult time.

“After my recent test results came back I felt like my world was falling apart, so we did what we do best: Hop on as many planes as we could fit into our busy schedules,” wrote Logen in her post.

She noted that Erik has taken the burden of what they’ve been dealing with over the past few months off her shoulders and said that he’s been going all out to make her feel “unconditional love.”

“I finally feel like I can breathe again,” confessed Logen.

“In a couple of weeks we’ll take our last flight together until we get the results we both deserve and finally move forward in this grueling process,” she added.

Logen Lake Instagram post.
Logen Lake shares an appreciation post for Erik Lake. Pic credit: @padawan_punz/Instagram

Logen Lake opens up about infertility issues

Before her recent post, Logen shared on Instagram that she was struggling with infertility, and it was much deeper than people realize.

“Infertility isn’t just about a negative pregnancy test month after tireless month. It’s grieving a life that never existed,” she wrote.

“It’s losing pieces of yourself as you long to see two pink lines that turn into 10 fingers and 10 toes.”

After sharing her struggles, Logen has been getting a lot of support from her followers and her husband, and we wish her the best amid her difficult journey.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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