MAFS star Emily Balch claps back at body shamer who says she ‘put on some lbs’

MAFS star Emily Balch screenshot
Emily Balch responds to a rude comment. Pic credit: Lifetime

Emily Balch is not letting the haters get the best of her, and she proved just that when a social media user made a nasty comment about her body.

The Married at First Sight star instantly clapped back and put the body shamer on blast.

Several people also took to the comments to chastise the bully and applaud Emily for her funny response.

Meanwhile, the self-proclaimed foodie has been enjoying all the great eateries in her home city of Denver and sharing recommendations with her followers.

Her social media platform has grown rapidly since her appearance on the show and she now has over 14,000 Instagram followers.

Emily was the first Season 17 wife to go public with her page, which was surprising given the harsh backlash she received from MAFS critics.

The 29-year-old bravely opened up her Instagram page after the reunion and it’s been paying off.

Lauren Good has also made her profile public, but Clare Kerr and Becca Haley are not quite ready to face the music. Meanwhile, Emily has to face more than that now that she has given everyone access to her life, but she’s taking the criticisms in stride.

Emily Balch had the best clap back for a body shamer

If we’ve learned one thing about Emily Balch it’s that she’s going to state her piece, and she did just that when a nasty comment popped up on her page.

The MAFS star reposted the remark, “She’s definitely put on some lbs” and issued a funny response to the body shamer.

Emily posted a clip that showed her chowing down on a large burger and fries and pinned the comment to the top of the video.

“Hi thanks I’m happy now!!!!💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️ #happyandhealing #summernails #summerbodygoals,” she captioned the post.

Emily gets support from MAFS fans after sharing the rude comment

After posting the video on Instagram several of Emily’s followers took to the comments to defend her and blast the critic.

“How rude!! Eat those fries and burgers while you have a working pancreas girl. I miss them now that I am old 😂,” wrote an Instagram user.

“‘We don’t comment on other people’s bodies.’ – I teach my 5 year old this, but clearly grown people need to know this too!” exclaimed someone else.

MAFS fans defend Emily Balch on Instagram
Pic credit: @the_emily_balch/Instagram

One person told Emily, “Ignore the haters.”

Someone else added, “It’s sad what some people do on social media. So many use the keyboard to feed their own hurt by hurting others. I hope you have an awesome summer filled with lots of delish food…”

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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