MAFS Star-Crossed: Compromise for Brett and Ryan is just not in the stars

MAFS Brett glares at Ryan.
MAFS Brett is not happy with Ryan. Pic credit: Lifetime

Brett is a Scorpio, the sign of the scorpion, while Ryan is another Leo lion. Generally speaking, this can be a tricky pair simply because of their reactionary demeanors. As far as depth, romance, and loyalty, these two are unparalleled and if they can get their reactions in check, it’s not a bad match. If, being the keyword there.

Brett dives deep into her water sign

Brett doesn’t display a lot of typical Scorpio qualities, which could mean a lot of things, from she has a strong rising sign, to her birthday being on the cusp of another sign. All kinds of things could be at play, but without seeing her full chart, it’s hard to say.

But the one very Scorpio quality she does display is her quest for a fulfilling, deep, and committed relationship. Scorpio is a water sign, which means they feel all the feels. They aren’t ones to settle for surface-level relationships, they like to dig deep and want their partner to join them in the excavation. Ryan’s distant demeanor is probably adding to Brett’s already present frustration by stirring her Scorpio soul. She’s craving the deep emotional connection she knows he is capable of, and while he might sincerely want to give that to her, there is just something standing in their way.

Ryan’s Leo ego

No shade but Leo often struggles with that arch-nemesis known as ego. Ryan’s Leo ego shows up in who he has on his arm. While many feel his quest for a Victoria’s Secret model is juvenile and a red flag, it is also very Leo in some cases. Leo likes to be in the spotlight, so much so that it can cause them to feel other people’s opinions of them are fact. So it would matter a lot to a Leo what other people think about the person they are dating and how that image reflects back on them. So if Ryan dates a supermodel, he thinks that makes him look better and it compensates for his own lack of self-esteem. While Ryan may seem like a proud lion, often people who serial date or use partners to boost their own image, have a pretty deflated sense of self.

But Ryan seems to be having an internal battle of the Leo. Leo’s are often passionate, fiery, and romantic. They generally enjoy deeper romances and passionate affairs, so when he expresses his desire for a “good person” as a partner and someone he can have a long-term, lifelong commitment to, he probably means it. But his other Leo qualities have been allowed to run the dating show for so long, he doesn’t know how to overcome them. This is why he has “one foot in the friend zone” with Brett because he is so conflicted.

If he had truly been happy with a surface-level connection, he would have just married one of the many model girlfriends he dated in the past, but there must have been something inside him that was not satisfied with that, his Leo passions perhaps?

On an interesting side note, did you notice the Leo brothers Johnny and Ryan buddying up on the couples retreat? Also, Taurean sisters Bao and Michaela shared a lot of emotional moments and talks on the retreat as well. What is that saying, birds of a feather flock together?

This could also explain why Scorpio Brett and Leo Ryan stayed as far away as possible from each other on the retreat.

Can Brett and Ryan reach a compromise?

The usual problem with a Scorpio/Leo pairing is their fighting. The Scorpio stinger of vengeance meets the Leo roar of retribution, meaning when these two fire off, it’s a real battle. But Brett and Ryan haven’t even crossed that bridge yet, because generally, you have to at least talk to fight, which these two haven’t quite mastered yet.

Although again, a Leo/Scorpio match isn’t always a total loss, there are examples where a life of the party Leo can draw a solitary Scorpio out of its watery, emotional shell. And the Scorpio can help the Leo dive deep into their emotional realm. But it is a water (Scorpio) sign paired with a fire (Leo) sign, so there is the potential for a Leo to feel like a Scorpio is a bit of a wet blanket, whether by their tendency to be less social or by the Scorpio flooding the Leo with a tidal wave of emotion. Ryan has expressed this multiple times about Brett, that both her high anxiety and lack of desire to try new things have overwhelmed him and brought him down. No surprise there.

In Brett and Ryan’s case, it seems like they might be suffering from another classic character trait of this pairing, which is a general lack of compromise. Both are fixed signs which means they don’t like to move out of the other’s way. So the fact the two can’t bridge a connection and compromise their barriers to have a conversation is not a total surprise. And unfortunately, the chance of them ever being able to do that is probably just not in the stars.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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