MAFS spoilers: Orion and Lauren are friends-with-benefits; Decision Day looms for Michael and Chloe

MAFS exes Orion Martzloff and Lauren Good
Lauren Good and Orion Martzloff return for the post Decision Day episode. Pic credit: Lifetime

A new episode of Married at First Sight is on the horizon, and viewers will see what happened to the couples after Decision Day.

Episode 21, titled Climbing Down from Decision Day, shows the fractured relationship between the former couples after they opted to end their marriages.

Get ready for the surprise return of Orion and Lauren, who still have unfinished business.

This time, the pair teases an interesting arrangement that will undoubtedly anger viewers who’ve been cheering for Lauren all this time.

However, after the scene plays out, let’s see if she’ll have any supporters left.

Chloe and Michael, the only couple still standing after tying the knot later in the season, also have a big decision to make.

Will they choose to stay married despite Chloe’s concerns about Michael’s feminine style?

MAFS exes Orion and Lauren are friends-with-benefits?

We thought, or at least we hoped, that we had seen the last of Lauren and Orion, but sadly that’s not the case.

The MAFS couple returns with an interesting arrangement that no one saw coming.

While marriage is still not on the table, the duo has agreed on a friends-with-benefits arrangement.

This update will no doubt surprise fans of the show since Orion chose to end his marriage to Lauren immediately after their honeymoon. The duo wasn’t even featured in the recent Decision Day episode because they had already opted for divorce.

However, there’s been an interesting turn of events in their relationship.

“Do you wanna be more than friends?” says Lauren in the video.

“Honestly, I think that would be a huge benefit regardless,” responds Orion.

Additionally, Decision Day looms for Michael and Chloe, who seem to be finally on the same page as they celebrate a major milestone.

Michael reveals that their steamy sex shop assignment by Dr Pia has led to the consummation of their marriage.

“You know, after the sex store, we slid right into having sex,” says Michael.

Cameron wants nothing more to do with Clare

As for the other couples, all of whom opted to get divorced either on or after Decision Day, they want nothing to do with each other.

Cameron affirms that he’s done with Clare, telling Michael, “I really have no intentions of ever speaking to her again.”

Meanwhile, Becca ended things post-Decision Day due to Austin’s inappropriate relationship with a producer. However, when he tried to reach out, things went awry.

“I reached out to Becca, and that was a mistake,” says the 32-year-old.

All that and a lot more will play out in the upcoming episode.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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27 days ago

Lauren, where is your self dignity? Because he decides he wants to be friends with you, you just gave him what he wanted all along. Good luck with that. Don’t say anything negative about when he tires of you AGAIN M!