MAFS spoilers: Date night gets serious when Gil tells Myrla what he needs from their marriage

MAFS stars Gil and Myrla have intense conversation on their date
Gil reveals his expectations with Myrla during date night. Pic credit: Lifetime

Things are about to get serious on tonight’s episode of Married at First Sight when Gil tells Myrla exactly what he expects for their marriage. The couple has been taking things very slow since they got married — mainly because of Myrla — who hasn’t done more than kiss her husband on the cheek.

Myrla has been getting quite a bit of backlash online for being a diva. She’s made it very clear that she enjoys nice things and is driven by money while Gil is the total opposite. So far we’re seeing more differences than similarities between this pair and it has some people questioning the decision of the experts.

However, it’s still early days for the newlyweds so let’s all remain hopeful.

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Things get tense for Gil and Myrla during their date

In a sneak peek for tonight’s new episode, the Married and First sight stars try tried to enjoy a romantic date.

However, things got tense as the couple started to converse and Myrla told Gil she wants him to be her brunch husband, “That’s what I want,” stated Myrla.

“My quality time is different, it’s not about going out to dinners and stuff. I’m okay with going out here and there, but I’d rather cook my food,” responded Gil, who has commented many times about Mryla being high maintenance.

He then asked, “Why did you pick this restaurant?”

“Because I had been here once and they had a pretty drink,” responded Myrla.

“Did you think, did it ever cross your mind ‘he probably wouldn’t like it?'” retorted Gil. “Because for me to keep going in a path that we’re going I need consistency and just feeling wanted, not feeling like you just wanna be married because of just the thought of being married, we’re aiming for love.”

Married at First Sight viewers react to Gil and Myrla’s date

After the clip was posted on @mafslifetime Instagram page, it garnered responses from Married at First Sight viewers.

They set poor Gil up for failure,” wrote one commenter.

MAFS viewers bash Myrla
Pic credit:@mafslifetime/Instagram

“Everybody wants to feel wanted, especially men! Gil is right. Seems like she just want to be married to say she’s married,” commented another Instagram user.

MAFS viewers bash Myrla
Pic credit:@mafslifetime/Instagram

Someone else also opined “She wants a prop, not a husband. She is very surface level and Gil is challenging everything about her…”

MAFS viewers bash Myrla
Pic credit:@mafslifetime/Instagram

Myrla did have a few supporters in her corner, one being Married at First Sight star Jamie Otis.

She also commented on the short clip and said, “I totally hear what Gil is saying …. aiming for love should be everyone’s goal …. but, it’s just brunch!!??‍♀️ Someone help me out here bc I don’t get the big deal w this one?!”

MAFS star Jamie Otis defends Myrla
Pic credit:@mafslifetime/Instagram

After watching the clip, who are you siding with, Gil or Myrla?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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