MAFS spoilers: Chloe wants time apart from Michael and Cameron delivers a shocker

MAFS castmates Cameron Frazer and Chloe Brown
Cameron and Chloe take center stage in Episode 18. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight is drawing closer to Decision Day, and things are not looking good for the few couples still together.

Episode 18, titled In Sickness and Suspicion, promises some surprising moments in the next episode.

A sneak peek shows trouble in paradise for Chloe and Michael, although, to be fair, we saw that one coming a mile away.

What we didn’t see coming was the return of Cameron, who’s been missing from the show ever since Clare pushed to end their marriage.

The entire group showed up for Michael and Chloe’s wedding, but Cameron chose not to attend. He also didn’t join his castmates at the retreat, expressing no desire to see Clare after their breakup.

However, get ready for a dramatic appearance from the 33-year-old in the upcoming episode.

MAFS spoilers tease the return of Cameron with a shocking revelation

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Cameron on our screens, and his return will be nothing short of dramatic.

The sneak peek shows Cameron conversing with Brennan about his marriage, and that’s when he drops a bombshell.

“I’m going to stay together with her on Decision Day,” he exclaims, as Brennan looks at him in shock since Cameron’s marriage to Clare ended weeks ago.

The couple only lasted 31 days, as they both opted for divorce in Episode 11 after Clare confessed to a lack of romantic feelings towards her husband.

Cameron later developed a heart condition that might have been brought on or exacerbated by the stress of his split from Clare.

The duo struggled with intimacy issues during their short-lived marriage, and while Cameron was attracted to his wife, the feeling wasn’t reciprocated.

Eventually, they pulled the plug and parted ways, but now is Cameron having a change of heart?

Chloe takes a break from Michael after feeling overwhelmed

Cameron’s revelation isn’t the only dramatic moment to play out in the upcoming episode.

There’s trouble brewing for Michael and Chloe, and things take an unfortunate turn when the brunette beauty admits to feeling overwhelmed in her marriage.

“Everything is moving so quickly. So what I was thinking was taking a few days apart,” Chloe tells Michael in the clip.

The scene then cuts to her leaving their shared apartment with her bags packed as Michael questions if she no longer wants to be with him.

As for the other couples, Emily’s scary accident has sparked a change in her marriage to Brennan, and things appear to be going in a better direction for the couple.

As for Becca and Austin, get ready for more tears, and no, they still have not consummated their marriage.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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Debra Frederick
Debra Frederick
1 month ago

Chloe is an actress and playing her role with him…..