MAFS spoilers: Austin slams Becca for making him look bad on TV as alums chime in

MAFS couple Austin Hurd and Becca Haley
Becca Haley and Austin Hurd’s marriage is on the rocks. Pic credit: Lifetime

Austin is showing his true colors in the upcoming episode, and now he has the Married at First Sight alums chiming in.

Austin and his wife Becca were the only couple that viewers were hopeful about early on in the season, but as time went on, we lost hope.

That includes Becca, who constantly tried to get affection from Austin to no avail.

The couple have yet to consummate their marriage, much to Becca’s disappointment, and in the latest episode, she got honest with Pastor Cal.

Despite Austin’s claims that he was trying to prioritize intimacy in their marriage, Becca revealed it was a different story when the cameras were off.

The upcoming episode will show the aftermath of the couple’s therapy session, and let’s just say Austin is mad.

Austin is upset with Becca for making him look bad on TV

Monsters and Critics recently posted an Episode 19 spoiler that shows Austin moving out of the apartment he shares with Becca.

However, another clip shows what led up to that point.

The video starts with Becca airing her doubts about whether Austin really likes her or if he’s putting on an act for the camera.

The clips then show Austin chiding Becca for telling Pastor Call that he was a different person off-screen.

“I just feel like it makes me look *****,” says Austin to his wife, as he tells her in another flashback scene, “Those words matter. That’s what people — millions of people — are gonna see about me.”

In another scene, Becca relays the recent turn of events to her friend, saying, “I finally have just been 100 percent honest on camera, and he’s having a hard time with that.”

“Him being so concerned about the optics makes me question the reality of our relationship,” adds a tearful Becca. “Something had shifted, and I could tell that he was no longer really happy. Austin left the apartment.”

MAFS alums chime in on Austin being concerned about his image

Meanwhile, many MAFS alums have been watching the season and commenting on the Denver couples.

Most recently, Season 14 cast member Mark Maher added his two cents after watching the preview with Austin and Becca.

“i think anyone who saids i don’t like how the cameras are gonna make me look – guy or girl – at that moment isn’t 100% vested in their partner and that marriage,” reasoned Mark.

He admitted that he and his now ex-wife Lindsey Georgoulis had to have some hard conversations, but added, “we owed it to each other to always be real and keep it 💯 on or off camera.”

MAFS alums comment on the current season
Pic credit: @mafslifetime/Instagram

Season 11 alum Henry Rodriguez also chimed in, “Damn. Is there hope for anyone at this point?”

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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