MAFS spoilers: Alexis admits that she feels smothered by husband Justin

Justin and Alexis MAFS
Alexis and Justin talked through a major issue with one of the MAFS relationship experts. Pic credit: Lifetime

In a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of Season 15 of Married at First Sight, viewers got to watch a clip of Justin Hall and Alexis Williams sitting down with relationship expert DeVon Franklin.

Alexis and Justin have been struggling with their communication with one another and making each other feel happy and fulfilled.

In the US Weekly exclusive video, DeVon opens their discussion by saying, “Let’s talk about the club.”

The video then cut to a previous clip of Justin complaining that he only got Alexis in part on the weekends because her time going out with her friends took away from their time together.

At that time, Alexis’ defense was that she has friends and “would like to hang out with them.”

DeVon dug deeper in their conversation and was able to draw out the real emotions from both of them and end on a positive note.

MAFS star Alexis Williams said she felt ‘smothered’ by Justin Hall

DeVon pressed Alexis, “Tell me the feeling that being in that [club] environment gives you emotionally.”

Alexis talked about having to be in control at her job so much that she likes the freedom that comes with going to the club.

DeVon then asked, “How free do you feel in your marriage?”

Responding, Alexis remarked, “I feel smothered.”

In response, Justin said hearing that was hurtful. As soon as Justin said that, Alexis said “I’m sorry” to him.

Justin said he didn’t want Alexis to feel smothered and wanted her to have her freedom and remarked that he never wanted to be “that guy.”

DeVon spoke on the club representing repression in her marriage and asked Alexis, “What would your marriage need to look like for your marriage to represent the freedom that you really want?”

MAFS couple Alexis and Justin made some headway with the relationship expert

Alexis said she wanted to do things together and then explained, “I want to take all that life has to offer whether that’s traveling whether that’s hiking whether that’s um extreme sports.”

Justin agreed that he liked all those things.

DeVon pointed out, “Not only are there commonalities, not only is there a connection but it seems like you have a strong commitment to her freedom so I would really encourage you to spend some time.” Further asking, “What is the best, free-est, securest version that we can create? And what are those activities that fill that?”

DeVon talked about them being a unit and pressed by asking Justin if there was anything wrong with Alexis wanting to feel free to which Justin said no.

Devon continued, “So you have no problem with the feelings she gets from the club? “

Alexis and Justin were holding hands as Justin said, “If I had to give a short answer, I think it’s, I feel like I have a potential chance of losing her.”

Alexis turned to Justin and said, “I’m so proud of you,” as DeVon said, “This is great.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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