MAFS Spoilers: A photo of the MAFS Season 13 cast leads fans to speculate on who is still together

Rachel's mouth gapes
MAFS Season 13 photo surfaces and only features two of five couples. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 13 is starting off with all the couples expressing some degree of attraction to one another. However, as always with this series, there’s guaranteed to be trouble and difficult obstacles for all the couples going forward. 

A photo has surfaced of the MAFS Season 13 cast and was allegedly taken at some point after the filming for their season had wrapped. 

Observant fans have dissected the photo for any signs of spoilers and, considering there are a few cast members missing from the photo, some are speculating if this picture is an indicator of which couples have remained married and which couples are divorced. 

Three Married at First Sight cast members are absent from the photo 

The cast photo showcases seven of the ten MAFS Season 13 stars and only two couples; Jose and Rachel as well as Bao and Johnny. 

Gil, Brett, and Michaela were not in the photo which left Myrla, Ryan, and Zack sans spouse. 

In the first few episodes of season 13, Jose and Rachel and Bao and Johnny are the couples who appear to be getting along the best and showing the most potential, so it’s not surprising that those are the two couples featured in the photo. 

The other couples have already had some clashes with Ryan being turned off by Brett’s fear of flying, Zack contracting Covid-19 which caused him and Michaela to lose precious time on their honeymoon, and Gil and Myrla being from two different worlds where Myrla is a self-proclaimed whiner whose driven by money and Gil is more frugal and easygoing. 

Seeing Myrla, Ryan, and Zack without their spouses in the photo has led some to worry that things don’t end well in these three’s respective marriages, especially since their marriages have already been off to a rocky start. 

Zack wears a potentially significant ring in the picture 

While Zack isn’t with Michaela in this photo, there may be some hope for Zack and Michaela’s marriage. 

A hawk-eyed fan noticed that Zack appears to be wearing a ring on his visible hand, which some speculated could be his wedding ring. If Zack is wearing a wedding ring, it’s likely evidence that he and Michaela managed to survive this experiment and have remained a couple. 

It’s also entirely possible that this photo just happened to be taken at a time where Gil, Brett, and Michaela weren’t present and isn’t a death sentence for any of the marriages. Even the positioning of the cast is random, considering the two couples aren’t even next to one another in the photo. 

As the season unfolds, we’ll see if this photo does in fact predict the fates of the MAFS Season 13 cast. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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