MAFS: Sonia Granados teases Gil Cuero’s ‘thirst trap’ photos

Gil Cuero and Sonia Granados
Sonia Granados playfully pokes fun at Gil Cuero. Pic credit: Lifetime

Gil Cuero became the breakout star of Married at First Sight Season 13 and he continues to get love and support on social media. 

Newly single, Gil also had a lot of women express their attraction for the fit firefighter and, recently, Married at First Sight Season 4 star Sonia Granados had a bit of fun teasing Gil Cuero over his posts that often leave his fans swooning. 

Sonia Granados suggests Gil Cuero is posting ‘thirst traps’ 

Throughout his season of Married at First Sight, Gil was vocal that he’s not money motivated and instead seems more passion and purpose motivated.

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Gil’s motivation was reflected in his noble profession as a firefighter. 

Recently, Gil took to Instagram to share a dashing photo of himself clad in his firefighting gear as he looks triumphantly into the distance. 

Gil captioned the photo, “Me doing me.”

Naturally, the post received lots of love and respect, with many thanking him for his work. 

MAFS alum Sonia Granados also reacted to the photo with a more playful comment, essentially suggesting that Gil’s post was a ‘thirst trap.’  

Sonia wrote, “Thirst ? [trap] City and you’re the mayor.” 

Gil found humor in the comment, responding with two laughing emojis and a shrug emoji. However, one fan didn’t take so kindly to the comment and had a back and forth with Sonia about whether the comment had shady intent. 

The commenter asked Sonia, “was that a side handed comment? 

Sonia responded back to explain herself, writing, “nah. Just my humor. No need for side handed comments. All love for other crazy enough people that get married to strangers.” 

The critic commented back, further defending Gil and reiterating his attractiveness. 

The Instagram user wrote, “yeah Gil has no need to be thirsty lots of ladies thrusting for him though.” 

Sonia had a breezy response back, emphasizing that she was just joking. Sonia wrote, “really not that serious. A simple joke. Have an amazing day.” 

Sonia Granados comment
Pic credit: @soniagranados/Instagram

Gil Cuero gains 121k followers 

The love fans have for Gil is reflected in his follower count on Instagram. 

Gil gained the most followers out of all his Married at First Sight Season 13 castmates by far, and he currently sits at 121k followers. 

With his ever-growing platform, Gil continues to share photos and glimpses into his life and it is clear that fans enjoy following, interacting, praising, and defending the breakout star. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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