MAFS: Season 8 husband AJ Vollmoeller slams Alyssa Ellman, ‘Editing has nothing to do with it’

Married at First Sight Season 8 star A.J. Vollmoeller says it isn’t a bad edit when it comes to the behavior of Alyssa Ellman. Pic credit: Lifetime

The behavior of Alyssa Ellman toward her new husband Chris Collete on this season of Married at First Sight has gotten a lot of reactions from viewers, experts, and previous participants.

On the latest episode of the Lifetime series, the 30-year-old declared she wanted to move into their shared apartment, just not with her husband.

Not wanting to miss out on the “experience” of being around brides whom she sees as her friends, Alyssa offered up a schedule to share the living space without actually cohabitating as the experiment calls for.

Clearly not there for the right reasons, Season 8 husband A.J. Vollmoeller is the latest to give his two cents, and while he admits “he was a victim of a bad edit himself”, this isn’t the case for the Season 14 bride.

Season 8 husband AJ Vollmoeller slams Alyssa Ellman,’editing has nothing to do with it’

Back when Married at First Sight took Philadelphia in 2019, A.J. and his match Stephanie Sersen luckily had chemistry from day one, however, he later started to rub viewers the wrong way by his hotheaded nature.

Calling himself a previous target of a negative edit, the MAFS alum took to Instagram to share, “I initially felt bad for Alyssa.”

After watching the show further, he added, “Then I realized editing has nothing to do with it because I know how to read between the lines of editing now.”

Pic credit: @aj_vollmoeller/Instagram

“She came into this for the WRONG reasons and is NOT “a f*****g really good person,” the How to NOT Get Hired author wrote.

Proposing a poll to his followers, he asked, “Do you think she just wanted to be cool by being on Reality TV and meet some new friends or did she have the best intentions in mind?”

It’s clear A.J.’s followers share his views with most guessing it isn’t a case of the bad edit.

What did Alyssa Ellman do on Married at First Sight?

It’s been less than a week of marriage but Alyssa has quickly become the most hated cast member on the show due to her treatment of Chris.

Making it clear she isn’t attracted to her appointed match, her sour attitude and unwillingness to participate in the experiment have fans siding with her husband.

While Chris has approached Alyssa about her intentions in the marriage, she refuses to give a solid answer despite obviously not wanting to be in the relationship.

Do you think Chris and Alyssa will move in together on Married at First Sight? Let us know in the comments.

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