MAFS: Ryan admits he still has a ‘foot in the friendzone’ with new wife Brett

Married at First Sight new couple Ryan and Brett have admitted they aren’t each other’s usual type. Pic credit: Lifetime

Ryan and Brett aren’t each other’s usual type, but so far, the two are trying to make it work on this season of Married at First Sight.

While Ryan normally goes for the girl next door, he was surprised when he looked down the aisle and found out a fiery redhead walking toward him.

Despite not being each other’s usual cup of tea, the experts hoped this would be an opposites attract situation and the two would complement each other’s personalities.

However, the problem for Ryan and Brett is the match is looking a lot like a friendship and not a marriage.

Ryan admits he’s still in the friendzone with his new wife Brett

In a conversation with Jamie Otis on MAFS aftershow, Unfiltered, Ryan dished on where his relationship stands with his new wife at this point in the show.

“I think I still have a foot in the friend-zone at this point,” the Oil & Gas liaison told the MAFS alum. “I’m still a little hesitant to fully jump in and tell her these things that she’s waiting to hear from me.”

When asked what was holding him back from going all-in, the 35-year-old answered, “I want to be certain with the things that I’m telling her.”

He added, “Cause I don’t want to build this up to a point and then pull her back.”

Brett and Ryan learned they aren’t each other’s usual type

After the wedding, Ryan learned his new wife wasn’t the most avid traveler.

“She comes across as very high stress, high anxiety,” he told producers. “And that is a concern of mine. I’m the complete opposite of that. I find myself being even more carefree just to try to make light of the situation for her sake.”

Once the honeymoon was over, the new couple toured each other’s homes for the first time. Walking into his bedroom, Brett learned her new husband was an avid hunter, startled by one of his catches mounted on his wall.

While the differences between this couple are apparent, Brett has admitted she’s crushing on her new husband. Viewers will have to tune in this season to see if Ryan’s feelings grow for this new wife.

Do you think Brett and Ryan will be able to leave the friend zone?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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