MAFS reunion host Kevin Frazer ‘loved’ Chloe’s attitude on the show: ‘She wanted a husband ‘

MAFS star Chloe Brown and reunion host Kevin Frazier screenshot
Kevin Frazier applauds Chloe Brown. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight reunion host Kevin Frazier has been bombarded with questions since the cast made some shocking revelations.

He’s been replying to several of the messages on Instagram, and most recently, he applauded Chloe Brown while responding to a commenter.

Chloe became the show’s MVP this season, ultimately being the only person who was sincere in her desire to have the experts find her perfect match.

Kevin agreed with that sentiment, telling viewers that he loved Chloe’s attitude and fully believes she signed up for the eight-week experiment because “she wanted a husband.”

That was evident when she chose to stay married to Michael Shiakallis on Decision Day, hoping to see how they would fare in the real world.

Unfortunately, Michael decided — two brides later — that he wasn’t ready for marriage after all.

MAFS fans have changed their tune about Chloe and are showing her support on social media, and Kevin is Team Chloe as well.

MAFS reunion host Kevin Frazier says Chloe Brown was genuine and ‘wanted a husband’

One Instagram user posted a lengthy message on Kevin’s page after he shared a photo from the reunion and asked viewers for feedback.

“Is it fair to say that for the most part, the men cast as husbands are leftovers, and the women are holdouts?” asked the commenter. “These men haven’t either wanted to get married for various reasons or aren’t marriage material at all.”

The MAFS host responded to the question and reasoned that some of the cast members are very set in their ways, which doesn’t make for a successful marriage.

“That’s why I loved Chloe’s attitude about things,” said Kevin. “She didn’t want any of the madness, she wanted a husband.”

“I was SHOCKED that her relationship did not work cause she was in it. But I think we saw men and women this season who tapped out WAY to early,” he added.

MAFS host Kevin Frazier comment
Pic credit: @kevinfrazier/Instagram

Kevin says producers thought the Season 17 couples would work

Kevin responded to another MAFS viewer who blasted producers for casting people on the show for drama instead of “casting couples that had a chance.”

However, Kevin denied that was the case, at least for Season 17.

“I’m telling you they thought these would work, it’s why michael@was matched with Chloe and got a second chance,” responded Michael. “If people tell you they are one thing and do another, that’s on them.”

MAFS host Kevin Frazier comment
Pic credit: @kevinfrazier/Instagram

Do you think the MAFS producers are casting people to create drama? Sound off in the comment section below.

Married At First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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