MAFS recap: What will tomorrow bring?

MAFS Michaela cries pre wedding
It’s been a rough week for MAFS Michaela and Zack. Pic credit: Lifetime

It’s been one long week for the Married At First Sight Season 13 crew. The honeymoons ended, and the couples returned to Houston, cohabitation and all the real-world challenges that come with marrying a stranger.

Michaela and Zack blow up and break down

Reunited, and it feels so good! Until it doesn’t. The couple were all smiles as they reunited for the first time after COVID-19 affected their honeymoon, but the smiles quickly turned to tears as Michaela’s alter ego, “Hurricane K,” made an appearance.

Long story short, there was a small miscommunication between the couple around Zack leaving the couple’s shared apartment in the early morning hours and not letting Michaela know. It turns out Zack had fallen asleep in the guest room, trying to get his dog Bella to fall asleep. He had then left early the next morning to take Bella to her doggy daycare. By the time he had returned, Michaela had moved out! Well, that escalated quickly.

Thankfully the couple had a meeting with Pastor Cal later in the day, and after the couple exchanged a few choice words, Pastor Cal was able to deep dive into the big issue between the couple. Apparently, Zack’s lack of communication had triggered Michaela’s fear of losing people in her life, like the recent death of her father. Tears were shed, hugs were given, and finally, the couple seemed to reach an understanding of what had transpired the night before.

All’s well that ends well, we guess, but hopefully, Michaela can keep “Hurricane K” at bay for at least a few more episodes so the couple can work on rebuilding the relationship, and Zack can work on his texting skills. Sheesh.

Bao and Johnny struggle to stay afloat

Johnny keeps dropping the bombs. Over the couple’s first dinner together in the new apartment, Johnny let Bao know that he would not be staying in the couple’s shared apartment, not even the guest room. Johnny said he needed to have some alone time to give the relationship a “restart.” Johnny spent the night away but showed up the next day bearing the gifts of a fresh perspective and Thai food. We can’t think of a better peace offering.

The tranquil dinner vibes did not last long, as, by the time the couple met with Pastor Cal, it was clear something was not going well. When Pastor Cal asked Johnny directly about the issue, he admitted that he did not find some of Bao’s mannerisms attractive. He gave the example of her “little kid” voice and behavior and said he found it a turn-off. He said it occurred whenever Bao was happy or wanted affection, and he did not find it appealing.

As we watched a little piece of Bao’s soul crush, she held back tears as she responded to Pastor Cal’s question of how that information made her feel.

“I feel like he’s disgusted by my joy,” she responded. Definitely a difficult feeling to overcome, but Pastor Cal worked his magic and let Johnny know this was an issue he needed to work on and continue communicating with Bao.

The couple seemed to reach somewhat of a resolution, but we are wondering if the couple we voted “Most Likely to Succeed” will even make it past the first week at this point.

Jose and Rachel face their financials

Jose and Rachel get real about their finances, and it didn’t go as badly as we thought. Jose explained to Rachel that his tight grasp on the purse strings was not coming from a selfish place but that he wanted them to have plenty saved to start a family and buy a new home together. Rachel explained that she wanted them to enjoy what they had worked hard for and make memories together.

Pastor Cal worked with the couple to help them understand neither one of them was wrong in the scenario. It was all about finding that balance and compromise, which was very doable. One day at a time, you two, one day at a time.

Other than that, this couple is experiencing fairly smooth sailing. The two also revealed one additional juicy nugget to Pastor Cal as they announced they have officially consummated their marriage. The couple had no complaints in that department and felt they had waited the appropriate amount of time for both of them to feel comfortable. Other than that, the couple had surprisingly little to report. Keep up the good work!

Myrla and Gil talk intimacy issues

Myrla and Gil continue to attempt to find common ground as Myrla met Gil’s dog and Gil met Myrla’s closet.

Myrla met Gil’s dog, Hype, for the first time, and aside from not wanting to touch him and forgetting his name, it honestly went better than expected. At this point, we will take cautious indifference over complete dislike, so we classify it as a win for this couple.

Gil then met Myrla’s Gucci-filled closet, which she priced at 10-15,000 dollars in estimated value. Gil discussed Myrla cutting back on her spending, but Myrla remained adamant she would not be changing her lifestyle.

In the couple’s Pastor Cal meeting, he reminded the couple that now their choices had to benefit the relationship, not just each member individually. Myrla wasn’t buying it. She remained steadfast that she was saving the necessary amount of money and could enjoy the overages as she pleased. The debate among fans over Myrla’s “high class” or “high maintenance” ways continues.

The couple left the conversation for a while and moved on to their intimacy issues.

Gil admitted he would like to be physically intimate with Myrla, and she responded she would like that too, but at some point down the road. Gil revealed to Pastor Cal that the two had not even kissed on the lips yet. Myrla explained even a kiss was very intimate to her, and she still wasn’t ready. Pastor Cal encouraged the two to step out of their comfort zones in growing their intimacy.

Brett and Ryan find out they are on different pages

Brett and Ryan also met each other’s pets, including the giant deer head adorning Ryan’s bedroom wall. Brett, who is not a fan of hunting, was put off, to say the least. The couple’s dogs Baxter and Maisy (who are now officially fan favorites), had a slight initial scuffle but eventually seemed to come around, which is more than we can say about Brett and the deer head.

Ryan later revealed to the cameras that Brett’s high-strung ways were a turn-off for him and that he wished she would calm down and take things more in stride. He explained he was referring specifically to the meeting of the dogs, the airplane, and the kayaking trip.

Ryan then revealed in the couple’s Pastor Cal meeting that he was not quite on the same page with Brett yet in how he felt. While Brett said she was happy in the relationship, Ryan seemed like he was a little more cautious. Could it be Brett’s high anxiety that is giving Ryan cold feet? Or is there more to the story?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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