MAFS recap: Fake it until you make it

MAFS Brett and Ryan talk with Pastor Cal
Brett and Ryan can’t quite make the connection. Pic credit: Lifetime

The Married At First Sight Season 13 newlyweds head into their fourth week of marriage. Some couples seem like a match made in heaven, while others seem like they might have been matches made — well, let’s just say somewhere else.

Michaela and Zack call a ceasefire

So ends another episode featuring Zack and Michaela. We swear, their relationship has more plotlines than a poorly made soap opera.

This episode had the couple meet yet again on separate couches and separate sides of an argument. Zack told Michaela that he felt the two had a fundamental difference in the way they handled conflict.

A difference, he said he was unsure they would be able to overcome. Michaela took the discussion as proof that Zack was not letting go of the past or taking responsibility for his part in causing her anger and outbursts. The two circled the drain on this fight for a little while before finally calling a truce and moving on.

Michaela and Zack were assigned an intimacy exercise as homework, and we have to say, it seems like these experts sure know what they are sometimes doing. The activity got Zack and Michaela to put down their swords and remember what they liked about each other to begin with. After all, they were the very first couple to consummate, so there must be at least some level of connection present. The two talked about what had attracted them to each other and agreed to start trying to communicate more calmly and effectively.

While some fans feel the constant conflict will be too much for Zack and Michaela to overcome, as we’ve seen in previous MAFS seasons, intense fighting is not always a dealbreaker for couples. The couple ranked second in our Season 13 Most Likely to Succeed list, and we aren’t ready to throw in the towel on these two yet.

Johnny and Bao get down and dirty

This week Johnny and Bao got down and dirty, and we don’t just mean with their communication. The couple has had a rough few weeks with some high highs and some low lows but this week gave the couple a breakthrough in more ways than one.

Johnny started the week with another dinner table confessional, where he told Bao that if the two of them were simply dating, this would be the point he would call things off. But, he said that since they were married, he would continue to try to be all in. As one would expect, Bao was not pleased with this information but agreed she was willing to try to continue as well.

Sensing trouble in paradise, the experts sent over a little intimacy assignment for Bao and Johnny, and things got spicy. The couple donned luxurious bathrobes, the champagne began flowing, and before long, the two were sneaking off to the bedroom, where they said they “may or may not” have consummated their marriage. But from their glowing smiles and giddy attitudes in the interviews, we can be reasonably sure they are now officially the third couple to consummate their marriage. We think it’s safe to say the pillow boundary and most of the pair’s other limitations are now officially down.

Rachel and Jose drop the L bomb

Rachel and Jose just keep pulling ahead in the race to the successful Decision Day deadline. The two have consummated their marriage, agree on most things, have decided on post-Decision Day living arrangements, and most recently, achieved being the first couple to say “I love you.”

Following a yoga date that featured some adorable baby goats, Rachel began feeling the “warm fuzzies” for Jose and his baby goat parenting skills. Afterward, they hosted a barbeque for all the couples at their soon-to-be shared home. After the successful gathering, Rachel felt she could not hold it in any longer and told Jose how she felt. Jose reciprocated, and the two basked in the glow of newlywed bliss.

But unfortunately, all the couples are not sharing in Rachel and Jose’s blissful sentiments.

Brett and Ryan fight for feelings

During the barbeque at Jose and Rachel’s home, everyone split up, and as the booze flowed, the tea spilled. Brett confessed that she wasn’t even sure that Ryan liked her, and if he did, she didn’t know any of the reasons why. Brett admitted she had feelings for Ryan but was not sure they were reciprocated.

Meanwhile, Ryan confirmed to Zack and Johnny that he was not currently feeling feelings or a “spark” for Brett, although he was waiting and hoping one would develop.

Earlier in the day, Brett and Ryan’s intimacy exercise had been a bit of a bust, as Brett listed off item after item of things she liked about Ryan without reciprocation. Ryan said in his interview that he wasn’t feeling those things and did not want to reciprocate the feelings or sentiments if he wasn’t being truthful. Ouch.

No wonder Brett was so upset when talking to the other couples at the barbeque. But Gil encouraged Brett to tell Ryan everything she was telling them and encouraged Ryan to do what would help the feelings develop between them. Here’s hoping it works.

Myrla and Gil’s brunch blues

This episode found Myrla and Gil trying to step up their intimacy. Gil attempted to give Myrla a foot massage, but unfortunately, all it did was make Myrla uncomfortable. The two continue to try to find common ground as far as intimacy goes, but Gil did report that there had been an increase in cuddling and hugging between them, so maybe that is a positive sign.

However, the episode did not end on an exceptionally high note for Myrla and Gil, as the two discussed what they wanted out of each other over what could have been a romantic dinner. Myrla said she wanted a “brunch husband.” Gil told her he would rather cook at home. Gil told her that he wanted to feel wanted in the relationship and feel that Myrla wanted to be married to him, not just married to anyone. Myrla did not seem to see where he was coming from, and the episode ended with the two not seeing eye to eye on yet another issue.

Many fans can’t help but wonder why Myrla and Gil were matched in the first place. Although the two have some strong cultural and family history ties, it does seem a valid question, given how many differences they have.

With all the breakthroughs and backslides this week brought, we are on the edge of our seat to see who pulls forward as the most successful couple in next week’s episode.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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