MAFS: Rachel Gordillo channels Kendall Jenner in witch costume

Rachel Gordillo creates a costume inspired by Kendall Jenner.
Rachel Gordillo shares her stylish witch costume. Pic credit: @rachintheh/Instagram

Rachel Gordillo seems to be taking Halloween very seriously.

The Married at First Sight star shared a pic of herself looking stunning after creating a simple yet stylish witch costume.

After seeing it worn by model Kendall Jenner, Rachel was inspired to recreate the fabulous look.

Kendall shared a photo of herself posing in a black dress, gloves, and a pointy hat. The look was so chic that Rachel decided to style a version herself.

She rocked a low-cut dress, fingerless gloves, and a witch’s hat, all in black. She also held a small broom to complete her look as she added text to the photo saying, “I’M KENDALL JENNER DRESSED AS A WITCH.”

Rachel posted the photo, along with the picture of her style inspiration to her Instagram Stories just days before the spooky holiday arrives.

Rachel Gordillo creates a witch costume for Halloween.
Rachel Gordillo shares her witch costume with her followers. Pic credit: @rachintheh/Instagram
Rachel Gordillo reveals she was inspired by Kendall Jenner to create her witch costume.
Rachel’s costume was inspired by one created by Kendall Jenner. Pic credit: @rachintheh/Instagram

Rachel Gordillo gets ‘wicked’ for Halloween

This isn’t the first time Rachel has made it clear that she’s ready for Halloween.

Just days prior to posting her witch costume, she shared a photo of herself looking amazing in a dramatic dress. She captioned the photo saying, “Wicked Wednesday!!!! ?? Drop a pumpkin or ghost if you’re ready for Halloween… or in my case the World Series! ? ⚾️ ?.”

Rachel served vampiress vibes with her look with dark eyeshadow and a deep red lipstick color.

The glamorous look was for a photoshoot she participated in with a local photographer. Rachel says the pictures gave her a confidence boost and helped ease her insecurities when it comes to taking pictures.

Who is Rachel Gordillo rooting for in the World Series?

Fans of the MAFS know that Rachel is a huge baseball fan. It was one of the things that she and her ex-husband, Jose, bonded over.

As a resident of Houston, Rachel is a fan of the Astros and regularly attends their games. She’s even been known to travel to other cities to see them play.

Now that the World Series has begun, it’s no secret who Rachel is rooting for. As a hardcore fan, she’s supporting her home team by rocking her Astros gear and watching the games with fellow fans at local bars. Win or lose, Rachel is always repping for her team.

In the past, Rachel was spotted at games with fellow MAFS alums Myrla, Johnny, and Brett. The foursome has become great friends since their time on the show. They often meet up for local events, dinners, or to celebrate special occasions. They also spent time traveling together over the summer.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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