MAFS producer fired for inappropriate relationship with Austin? Here’s everything we know

MAFS star Austin Reed screenshot
Austin Reed get MAFS producer in hot water. Pic credit: Lifetime

Becca Haley promptly ended her marriage to Austin Reed hours after they opted to stay married on Decision Day, and her reason for the split surprised Married at First Sight viewers.

The couple had many issues in their relationship, but the final straw for Becca was Austin’s apparent inappropriate relationship with a female producer.

The 31-year-old dropped the shocker when they met up with the group after Decision Day, and Becca confronted Austin about hanging out with the producer the night prior.

At first, Austin denied the claims, but after Clare Kerr confirmed that she saw him during the night out, he finally admitted it.

That’s when Becca decided to end their already rocky marriage for good.

Since then, Austin has been getting heat from viewers, but have there been any repercussions for the producer in question?

Here’s what we know.

MAFS producer was allegedly fired for her inappropriate relationship with Austin Reed

In case you’re wondering about the producer that Austin formed a close bond with, she has not been identified.

However, popular Instagram fan page @mafsfan recently said they had received information about the rules regarding producers of the show fraternizing with cast members — and what had happened to the producer in this instance.

“Some BTS info – I heard (and not sure if this is true) that producers are not to fraternize or socialize with cast members in any way while the season is filming,” noted the MAFS page.

“In this case, the producer in question was allegedly fired right after this night out.”

Although the inappropriate relationship led to the demise of Austin and Becca’s marriage, the fan page noted that they had been told it was “not a romantic relationship between Austin and this producer.”

The 31-year-old supposedly formed a strong friendship with the producer, who was “coaching the MAFS star on how to act on camera.”

MAFS Instagram comment
Pic credit: @mafsfan/Instagram

This wouldn’t be surprising as Austin has been called out by his wife for acting differently in front of the cameras.

Becca made those claims during a therapy season with Pastor Cal. She confessed that Austin tended to make promises while filming but made no effort to address their marital issues when the cameras were off.

Are MAFS producers allowed to fraternize with cast members?

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting on MAFS staff to spill the tea about their contracts and whether it precludes them from socializing with cast members.

However, @mafsfan said they had seen information that claimed it is against the rules.

A post they found, which appeared to have insider information about the rules for staff, claimed in part, “MAFS Staff signs contracts to never socialize in any way whatsoever with any cast until a specific amount of time after.”

@mafsfan Instagram Story
Post about MAFS rules. Pic credit: @mafsfan/Instagram

The post also claimed that if producers are caught fraternizing with the cast members,” They KNOW they will be fired…Both staff and cast ALL know this.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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