MAFS: Paige Banks speaks out after being stuck in an elevator for ‘over an hour’

MAFS star Paige Banks says she was trapped in an elevator.
Paige Banks opens up about being trapped in an elevator. Pic credit: Lifetime.

Paige Banks recently had a terrifying experience, and she shared the moment on social media. The Married at First Sight star found herself in quite the predicament, being locked inside an elevator for over an hour. 

Two men eventually came to Paige’s rescue, but at the time, it must’ve been a frightening time for the reality TV personality. She later shared a screenshot of the men as they attempted to get her out of the enclosed space.

It’s unclear if Paige was alone or if there were other people trapped inside the elevator with her. Nonetheless, she was happy to be free after over an hour of waiting, and she opened up about her ordeal on social media.

Paige Banks was locked in an elevator for over an hour 

The Married at First Sight star shared a few posts on her Instagram Story and revealed that she was stuck in an elevator. 

“Whew, angels truly come in many forms,” wrote Paige as she shared a screenshot of two men in blue shirts who came to her rescue. 

“Stuck in an elevator for over an hour, nothing but God’s Grace,” she added. 

The photo showed the men with their tools fervently working outside the elevator with the door half open at the top. 

However, Paige didn’t allow the incident to dampen her spirit for too long; soon, she was her usual happy self again

She shared a follow-up message after finally being free and posted a poolside photo along with the caption, “Made it out safely.”

MAFS star Paige Banks was trapped in an elevator.
Pic credit: @malana_xoxo/Instagram

Paige Banks is focusing on mental health

The Married at First Sight star has been quite busy since her stint on the show, and she actually turned her embarrassing experience into a positive.

Paige, along with her two castmates, Briana Myles and Haley Harris, recently joined forces to organize an event in aid of mental health. 

Paige admitted that her mental health was severely affected by her tumultuous marriage to Chris Williams, and she has since sought therapy. However, now she’s doing her part to help others.

The MAFS alums hosted their first Women’s Empowerment Conference in Atlanta, and it was a success. 

Paige shared a recap of the event, which was held on June 25, and thanked everyone for their support. 

“The Journey of Self Corporation’s first Women’s Empowerment Conference was a success!” She wrote in the Instagram post.

“Thank you to all that have supported our vision since DAY ONE! We really appreciate all the vendors, participants, guest speakers, and entertainers who really showed out and made the event truly transformational! ” she added.

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, July 6, on Lifetime. 

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