MAFS: Paige Banks gifts herself a new car for her birthday – Did she buy a Mercedes?

Paige wears a dress and makeup on the couch as the MAFS reunion
Paige Banks gets caught in the middle of Chris Williams and Pastor Dwight’s feud. Pic credit: Lifetime

Paige Banks is learning to treat herself after enduring, arguably, the most catastrophic marriage in Married At First Sight history. 

As much as her marriage to Chris was filled with struggles at every turn, those aren’t the only struggles Paige has had to face lately. Reportedly, Paige also had been having loads of car troubles with her old Audi, indicating it was time for an upgrade.

Paige buys the latest Audi Q5

Shedding all the old from her past, Paige got rid of her old Audi and bought herself a sleek, black 2021 Audi Q5 as an early birthday gift.

Devoutly God-fearing, Paige credited this upgrade to God for blessing her with the means to buy such a nice new car. She expressed being happy with her purchase and being able to get the car she actually wanted. 

It’s refreshing to see Paige pursuing what she actually wants after watching her pursue a dead-end marriage with Chris each week on Married At First Sight. 

Paige has been outspoken about how difficult her marriage to Chris was and how humiliating it was to watch him continually string her along and tear down her appearance on national television. At the reunion, Paige revealed she has been doing lots of therapy to recover from the traumatic experience and has been learning to choose herself, which it appears she did in choosing this new Audi.

Paige shows off her new Audi birthday gift. Pic credit: @malana_xoxo/Instagram

During their tumultuous marriage, Chris tried to further disappoint Paige by revealing he allegedly bought a brand new Mercedes for his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Mercedes. This was hurtful to Paige who understandably found it inappropriate for Chris to make such a big purchase for another woman without even bothering to discuss the decision with his wife. 

Paige moves on from the Chris and Mercedes drama 

Having presumably put all the exhausting drama with Chris to the side and changing her phone number, Paige has moved on in more ways than one and continues to practice self-care. Not only is she going after the material items she wants, but also the romantic relationships she wants as well. 

On the MAFS Season 12 special that provided life updates on most of the Season 12 cast, Paige revealed that she no longer allows Chris to contact her and has also re-entered the dating scene.

She met a nice guy named Styles who she reportedly plans to continue seeing in the future. Paige also makes time to go on relaxing trips with the MAFS wives from her season and seasons past and receives support from family and friends as she slowly but surely restores her spirit. 

Fans were eager for Paige to leave Chris and bounce back from all the damage he caused her, and it appears Paige has done just that, sticking to driving nice cars rather than sticking with Chris who nearly drove her crazy.

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.  

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