MAFS: Myrla reveals if she thinks she’ll ever change her lifestyle for Gil

Married at First Sight star, Myrla is known to like the finer things, and she revealed whether she’ll ever change her lifestyle. Pic credit: Lifetime

If there’s a controversial couple on Married at First Sight this season, it’s Myrla and Gil. While fans gush over Gil’s laid-back, patient personality, Myrla hasn’t seen the same love online.

Myrla and Gil have major differences when it comes to spending. While Myrla works hard and appreciates the finer things in life, Gil isn’t motivated by money.

In a conversation with Jamie Otis on Unfiltered, Myrla revealed whether she thinks she’ll ever change her lavish lifestyle for her new husband.

Myrla reveals whether she’ll ever change her lifestyle for Gil

In a conversation with the MAFS star, Jamie Otis asked Myrla how she thinks they’ll get through their spending differences.

“I mean, I think I was very clear going into this process that I was not willing to change my lifestyle,” the 34-year-old leadership coach replied. “If I want to take the trip, I’m gonna take the trip.”

“What if your husband can’t afford to take the trip?” the mother of two asked.

“Well, you’re gonna see a lot of selfies of Myrla in Europe, by herself,” Myrla responded.

When pressed if she would help her husband out with the cost to travel with her, she responded, “I mean, I think we could talk about that.”

Myrla does not want to be a dog mom to Gil’s dog Hyde

Spending habits are the least of their problems, as Myrla and Gil are the only couple left in the experiment who still haven’t even shared a kiss.

Not only is the physical intimacy missing, but Myrla doesn’t want much to do with Gil’s dog Hyde, either.

Due to Gil’s profession as a firefighter, he works 24 hours straight, two days out of the week, leaving his dog at home needing a few walks.

When asked if Myrla would step up to care for Hyde, she made it clear that she didn’t sign up to be a dog mom.

While Gil doesn’t believe in paying for a dog walker when there’s an able body at home, Myrla explained, “I don’t want a dog. So if you don’t want to pay for a dog walker, then I’m more than happy to pay for one.”

Defending her point, she added, “There are days where I work where I don’t have a break to eat. What happens on those days, like, hey, sorry guys, gotta go walk the dog.”

Do you believe Myrla should step up to the dog mom duties, or does she have a valid argument?

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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