MAFS: Myrla Feria shows off toned abs in crop top, ready for another season of volleyball with Johnny Lam

Married at First Sight alums Myrla Feria and Johnny Lam have become close friends since their time on the show.
Myrla Feria and Johnny Lam have developed a close friendship since the show. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight alum, Myrla Feria was labeled the princess of her season. A girly girl who enjoyed her high heels and designer clothes, she was rarely seen without her hair and makeup done. This caused some issues in her marriage to her now ex-husband, Gil.

Although her marriage didn’t work, she found an unlikely friendship with fellow castmate, Johnny Lam. The two were very open about their budding friendship. At the Season 13 reunion, the pair revealed they stayed in touch after the show ended and frequently hung out in their hometown of Houston.

Now that some time has passed, the two are letting fans know they’re still besties and have gotten even closer to one another.

Myrla’s shows off her toned abs

During her time on the show, Myrla wasn’t known for participating in many physical activities. However, she discovered she enjoyed playing volleyball, and Johnny became her partner in the game.

A recent Instagram post by Johnny showed the two enjoying another day on the sandy volleyball court. In the collection of pics, he is seen posing with friends, including Myrla.

She looked stunning in her athletic gear, including a crop top where her sculpted abs were on full display. In the past, she’s shared how important staying fit is to her. It seems like volleyball has helped her keep the toned and slender look she enjoys.

Johnny captioned his post saying, “Another season down, another on the way!” The duo are part of a volleyball team where they regularly compete against other players. Johnny admits their record isn’t great but says they have a good time playing.

Their season has come to an end, but it looks like these two are committed to getting back in the sand soon.

Myrla and Johnny have a close friendship

Volleyball isn’t the only activity Myrla and Johnny enjoy doing together. They’ve been spotted going out to concerns, dinner, and sporting events.

Their close friend group also includes Rachel who went through the social experiment with them during Season 13 as well. The trio have become tightknit since the show and often post their outings together.

Most recently, they all went to the Houston Rodeo together. They shared pics showing off the food and drinks they indulged, and their best western outfits.

Neither Myrla, Johnny nor Rachel found success in their marriages, unfortunately. They each had their problems but found comfort in their friendships with one another. Now that each of them is single again, they are enjoying creating memories with the people they say will be their lifelong friends.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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