MAFS: Myrla Feria explains why she ended her marriage to Gil Cuero, talks flirty behavior with Johnny Lam

MAFS star Myrla Feria opens up about reasons for her breakup with Gil Cuero
Myrla Feria talks about Gil Cuero breakup. Pic credit: Lifetime

There are two sides to every story, and now Myrla Feria is telling hers.

It’s been quite a ride for the Married at First Sight star, whose relationship with fans came full circle by the end of the season. Initially, TV viewers gave Myrla slack for her attitude and love of designer duds, but as her relationship with Gil Cuero played out, they soon warmed up to her.

However, when the reunion rolled around, Gil dropped a bomb that Myrla had broken his heart, and the audience turned on her once again.

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Gil, who was still very emotional at the reunion, recounted how he sold his belongings and moved in with Myrla only for her to blindside with him the breakup weeks later. He said she didn’t give a reason except that she simply wasn’t attracted to him. But Myrla has a different story.

Myrla Feria reveals why she ended things with Gil Cuero

The Married at First Sight star recently opened up following a ton of backlash regarding her treatment of Gil. According to Myrla, she aired her concerns on and off camera before finally ending her marriage.

“The way Gil portrayed it, it sounded like we had a marvelous 14 days, and then bam done, I ended the relationship,” confessed Myrla. “The actuality is… it was 14 days of trying to discuss huge issues in our marriage. But also the lack of discussion and ownership on Gil’s part played a huge part in me finally deciding to end it.”

In the interview with Realitvwithbee, Myrla said she was “open and honest,” but “the viewers don’t get to see the entirety of the conversations that we had off-camera…Ultimately my emotions showed me that our life aspirations and our values, coupled with a lack of financial stability, were not aligned.”

Myrla said she felt “disconnected” from Gil, but when she shared those concerns, he “shut me down and dismissed my feelings in a disrespectful manner.”

She continued, “I reached a place where the feelings I felt, coupled with the series of events and conversations, began to deteriorate. I could no longer see myself staying in this marriage.”

Myrla Feria explains flirtatious relationship with Johnny Lam

Another point of contention from viewers at the Married at First Sight reunion was Myrla and Johnny’s flirtatious behavior.

However, Myrla claims she’s simply an affectionate person.

“Many of you don’t know me and how I can open up, especially with those I love dearly,” she explained. “I am a very affectionate person with all my friends, male and female.”

She continued, “Gil knows this about me and has been around Johnny and me. He knew we are dear friends, so he should not act surprised by this,”

Myrla also made it clear, “Johnny and I are best friends and will continue to be.”

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, January 5th at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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1 year ago

Lack of financial security? Gil makes $100 more than her per week. Myrla’s every discussion with Gil was about material things, while he countered back that material things are not that important. She overlooked his kindness, patience, and love of family. And in the end she certainly treated him like discarded garbage – that was visible for all to see. She was downright mean when she didn’t have to be. Gil is much better off without her.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mia

Then why are the fans (women) so angry at her NONE of the couples from this season stayed together. Let them go and live their lives.

1 year ago

An affectionate person? She didn’t show that during the taping!